Plutio - New Year, New Roadmap 🎉
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New Year, New Roadmap 🎉

January 2, 2021

Welcome to 2021! Whether you've just joined us or you're an early supporter, buckle-up for an exciting year full of updates that will truly help take your business to the next level like never before 🚀

Plutio Roadmap, 2021.

Below are just 8 of the main features we will be focusing on this year. Of-course we will also be working hard on improving the current set of features and your experience.

1) Custom Fields as Variables

Custom fields are a fantastic way to customise Plutio to work your way, soon you will be able to use them as variables (aka smart fields or mapping fields).

2) Dashboards

With dashboards you can create fully customisable pages that could include almost any type of content or data points in a variety of formats.

For example, you could create a homepage for your clients with a video or a welcome message, as well as a list of their pending invoices or contracts.

You could also customise your homepage to show you an overview of how your business is doing.

3) Automation & Workflow Builder

With automation you can create "IF That Then That" workflows using an intuitive drag and drop editor.

For example, you could create a workflow to automatically check for when an invoice is paid to then send a thank you email. Or check when a project is completed to send a SMS message asking the client for a review.

4) Appointment Scheduling

Easily share your availability with anyone for easy booking or include a calendar in your proposals and contracts for your clients to book without having to leave the page they are on.

5) Leads Management System

Easily pull your leads into Plutio and manage them through a fully customizable funnel, then convert the ones you won into projects with the click of a button!

6) Marketing Tools

From one-off email campaigns to automated email sequences, you will be able to plan and run your marketing efforts right from within Plutio, tightly integrated with the reset of your business.

7) Whatsapp, Email & SMS Integrations

With those integrations we aim to bring all of your conversations into one place, auto-magically!

8) More Templates

Expect heaps of new ready-to-use templates for your proposals, invoices, contracts and even forms!

And so much more...

2021 is looking really good and our amazing team is already geared up to release the first couple of features soon. Stay tuned and join our community.

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