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As the saying goes "It takes two hands clapping to make a noise", we would love to join forces to support freelancers and small businesses worldwide.

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Signup as an affiliate in less than 60 seconds, spread the word and earn a recurring 20% commission on every referral.


If you're developing (or considering developing) an integration with Plutio, let's join forces and make work easier and more productive.

Guest posts

Our rapidly growing community of freelancers, digital nomads and small teams would love to read all about your stories, experiences and tips (full credit to you).


We're always up to support anything that brings people together, let's know if you're hosting an event and we would do our best to help.



  is full of drama, lessons and inspiration that we would love to share and talk about at your event.

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Join our 

 from around the world in offering your product or service to our rapidly growing community.


We love taking part in causes and projects that aims to support freelancers and digital nomads. Let's know how we can help.

Anything else?

We're pretty open minded and eager to try new ways to collaborate with talented people on new ideas and partnership opportunities.

Shopify, our latest partnership.

Shopify is the world's largest ecommerce software used by over 1,000,000 users from around the world and a reported $100+ billion in total sales on the platform to date.

Plutio was picked to be included in their Shopify Partner exclusive deals bundle. Aimed to support businesses by offering them the tools they need, such as Plutio, to accelerate their business.

Shopify and Plutio