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Frequently asked questions

What does "contributors" mean?

Contributors are custom user roles, such as teammates, contractors, managers or any other role you may need. Each custom role can have their own custom permission levels.

What is the difference between "contributors" and "clients"?

Clients are technically contributors but they don't count towards the plan's contributors limit. However, unlike the fully customisable contributors custom role, clients have pre-fixed access and limited level of permission customisation.

Is there a limit on clients?

You can invite as many clients on the Studio, Agency and Enterprise plan, and up to 3 on the Solo plan.

Is there a limit on contributors?'

Each plan has a different limit on the number of active contributors, check the pricing table above for the limit.

Can I invite co-owners/partners?

You can invite co-owners to the Studio, Agency and Enterprise plans. However, beware that co-owners have the same permission levels as the owner and their permissions can't be adjusted.

Can the plan be changed later on?

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

Can I request a refund?

You can cancel your plan at anytime but no refunds will be issued. However, your plan subscription (excluding add-ons as they are cancelled instantly) will remain active at its current level through the end of the billing period that you've already paid for.

Is there a white-label option?

Yes, white-label is available as an add-on for $9/month on the Solo and Studio plans, and included for free on the Agency and Enterprise plans. With white-label you can replace the Plutio branding with your own. Easily change the interface colors, connect your custom domain and email address, plus so much more.

Is there a SSO option?

Yes, single sign-on authentication is available as an add-on for $5/month on Studio and Agency plans, and included for free on the Enterprise plan.

Is there a discount on yearly plans?

Absolutely! Enjoy a life-time 2 months free if you choose to pay on an annual basis.

Is there a discount for charities and students?

We offer a 10% discount for students and a 30% discount for nonprofit organizations. Simply get in touch with your student card or non-profit certificate for the coupon code.

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