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Plutio Experts

Experts at your fingertips

Whether you need a tailored demo, help setting up your account or creating the perfect workflow for your business. Our hand-picked experts can help.

Michael Bridges

User since 2017 | Digital Marketing / Graphic Design / Web Development | We can help with all your Plutio setup, process, planning, and graphic needs.

Pricing: $75/h

Languages: English

Expert since: 2022-02-10

Ian Turner

Business automation designer & brand stylist. I help small businesses thrive online through the use of automated workflows and expertly crafted business functionality strategies.

Pricing: $40/h

Languages: English

Expert since: 2022-04-06

Guy Butts

I love simplifying data and building no/low-code solutions that impact businesses of all sizes and verticals. "Connect" with me today to begin your automation journey!

Pricing: $100/h

Languages: English

Expert since: 2022-11-16

Pip Meecham

People embrace companies with customer experiences that best meet their needs. I create experiences that people love by using strong strategies and processes required for operational excellence.

Pricing: $250/h

Languages: English

Expert since: 2022-02-14

Yonatan Epstein

Plutio is a powerful tool if you use it right. It might be overwhelming at first, but once you discover Plutio's hidden potential, I've been using Plutio to manage my corporation remotely since 2020.

Pricing: $60/h

Languages: Hebrew, English

Expert since: 2022-03-02

Chet Norman

Plutio user since 2017. Marketing and Advertising Expert. Utilize Plutio to streamline processes and workflow. Speciality in new account set up, automation workflows and project management.

Pricing: $125/h

Languages: English

Expert since: 2023-01-16

Florian Chambolle

🇫🇷 I'm the owner of a french web and digital marketing agency. I use Plutio for few month and i'll be happy to help french people with this amazing tool.

Pricing: $70/h

Languages: French, English

Expert since: 2022-02-14

Julio Roldós

Ayudo a las empresas a incrementar sus ventas, creando y optimizando sus estrategias de marketing digital de forma efectiva.

Pricing: $50/h

Languages: Spanish; Castilian, English

Expert since: 2022-02-27

Carrie Anne Krall

I'm a Process & Automations Strategist and Entrepreneur. I know what it takes to run a business! From setup to automations, I can help you create a seamless customer journey with Plutio.

Pricing: $75/h

Languages: English

Expert since: 2022-06-20

Cameron Marie Needham

True Jack-Of-All-Trades with over 20 years of experience in all things technology, operations, marketing, and creative/design. Professional. Solutions-Driven. Innovative.

Pricing: $85/h

Languages: English

Expert since: 2022-09-05

Antoine Thomas

I'm the Founder of an award-winning design studio composed of creative problem solvers. We're hell-bent on helping businesses transform into human-centered brands and we'd love to work with you.

Pricing: $80/h

Languages: English

Expert since: 2022-02-14

Peter Krzyzek

Helping women owned, fem-tech, VC funded agencies and organizations make a positive impact through high touch marketing and brand strategies, powerful user experiences and all things web.

Pricing: $200/h

Languages: English, Polish

Expert since: 2022-02-09

Aaron Winning

Plutio User since 2018 - Aaron has a super sensory flair for getting sh*t done. Master researcher and ‘finder outer’ of all things tech and digital, he has a knack for seeing new solutions and ideas.

Pricing: $199/h

Languages: English

Expert since: 2022-02-04

Ryan Mish

Every business needs an OS, with each step in your client journey mapped out, repeatable, and automated. Plutio is the perfect tool to make that happen, so let's build something amazing, together.

Pricing: $99/h

Languages: English

Expert since: 2022-08-08


J'accompagne les (futur.e.s) entrepreneur.e.s francophones à créer, développer et optimiser leur(s) projet(s). Mon expérience sur Plutio vous permettra de façonner l'outil selon votre quotidien

Pricing: $95/h

Languages: French, English, German

Expert since: 2022-02-18

Mohi Hassan

I'm the founder of Mohi Hassan Design a digital branding studio. My experience with plutio over the past two years allows me to help you set up your business on plutio professionally.

Pricing: $70/h

Languages: Arabic, English

Expert since: 2022-03-11

Ernst Baart

Communicator & facilitator with expert experience in sourcing & implementing the right SAAS solution for your needs. Happy to get you started using Plutio.

Pricing: $99/h

Languages: English, Dutch; Flemish, French

Expert since: 2022-12-01

Mohamed Jahar

Automation specialist integrating multiple apps with your Project Management Tool - Plutio. Ensure business continuity with automation

Pricing: $50/h

Languages: English

Expert since: 2022-04-24

Rodrig Naska

I'm the founder of a low-code product studio. We're experts at building tech and automation solutions with as few lines of code as possible (by using tools like Plutio, Bubble.io, APIs, etc.).

Pricing: $100/h

Languages: English

Expert since: 2022-03-27

Terrell Ramsey

I was given a gift in this world, and that gift was knowledge in technology. I love to share my gift with anyone! I truly understand the fundamentals of CRMs and I can help you do the same!

Pricing: $60/h

Languages: English

Expert since: 2022-02-12


I love connecting people with incredible software and tools to make their lives easier! I found Plutio and have been growing my business with it since 2018.

Pricing: $85/h

Languages: English

Expert since: 2022-12-07

Evgenij Khait

I'm the owner of a German digital marketing and web agency. I'm an experienced Plutio user and i would be happy to help with the setup, the processes and planning.

Pricing: $85/h

Languages: German, English, Russian

Expert since: 2022-04-13

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Costs will depend entirely on the expert and the job required. Plutio does not set the prices or charge any commissions.

You can see the estimated rate on the expert's profile but we recommend contacting the expert for more details.

How can experts help me?

Our experts are carefully vetted to ensure they offer you the best possible experience.

They can help setting up your Plutio account, create automated workflows, design templates and even migrate your data across from a different platform.

Can I become an expert?

Plutio expert is a role exclusive to those with the experience, skills, and drive to help others succeed.

As an expert, you will be approached by fellow Plutio customers who need help setting up their accounts, developing workflows, and more.

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