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Multiple businesses

Swiftly manage and switch between businesses from one login.


Plutio is available in 25 languages, including Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, French and Japanese.

User roles & permissions

Create custom user roles and give each a different level of permissions.

Client portal

Invite your clients to collaborate with you or to simply view progress.

Dark mode

Choose to adopt a dark system-wide appearance instead of a light appearance.


Set your preferred date and time format, time-zone and week start day.

Default colors

Choose 9 default colors to be used business wide like on tags for projects and tasks.

Instant notifications

Customize how and when you receive email and push notifications.

Daily digest emails

Receive a daily summary of all tasks overdue and due at the day.

Activities feed

Stay in the loop with a real-time feed of everyone's activities.


Quickly find what you're looking for using a lightning fast search.


Apply advanced filters to show only what you need and eliminate clutter.

Premium support

We're around to help you every step of the way via email or live chat.

Fully responsive

Our unique interface is designed from the group up to fit any screen size.

Free apps

Our desktop and mobile apps gives you access to everything from anywhere.


All data transmitted between our server and your browser is always protected and encrypted.

Use what you need

You can turn off products and tools that you don't use, helping you stay clutter free.

Advanced text editor

From comments to proposals and notes, all of them have a feature rich text editor.



Making Plutio truly yours and impress your clients by replacing our branding with your own.

Custom domain name

Replace the default Plutio sub domain such as with your own custom domain name.

Custom email address

Set your email address for all outbound emails and notifications.

Your logo

Replace the Plutio logo with the logo of your brand.

Interface colors

Change the interface colors to match your brand.


Custom fields

Create fields for tags, priority, estimates, approvals or anything else you can imagine.

Colored tags

Add color tags to tasks for an enhanced visual view.


Create as many sub tasks as you want to break a task into smaller pieces.

Task templates

Save tasks as templates and use the new /template shortcut to quickly create tasks from a template.


Keep your task name short and to the point, put all the details in the description.


Discuss and collaborate on tasks with your clients and contributors.

Start dates

Make sure you've plenty of time to get a task done by setting a start date.

Due dates

Set due dates to ensure no deadlines are missed.

Repeating tasks

Set tasks to recur daily, weekly, monthly or even annually.


Get reminded by email or push notifications before your task's start or due dates.


Assign tasks to people so everyone knows what to work on.


Add followers to tasks so they are kept in the loop, effortlessly.


Easily mention someone in a task, they will be added as a follower and kept updated.

Attach files and images

Upload files and images from your computer or Facebook, Google Drive and even via link or FTP.

Move tasks

Move tasks between projects, task boards and task groups.

Copy tasks

Effortlessly duplicate tasks to other projects, task boards and task groups.

Unique link

Each task has its own unique link which you can easily copy and share for a direct access to tasks.

Task views

Visualize tasks in a simple list, columns or timeline view. Switch between views in a click.

Task boards

Create and manage multiple task boards and easily move tasks and task groups between them.

Drag & drop

Effortlessly re-order and prioritise task groups and tasks.

Time tracking

Instant time tracking

Quickly start the time tracker on current tasks or as creating a new task.

Manual logging

Forgot to track your time? you can manually log time into your timesheets.

Billable tasks

Toggle time as billable or non billable.


Each project has its own timesheets.

Edit tracked time

Edit the rate and time on any logged time from the timesheet.

Print ready timesheets

All of our timesheets are print friendly

Downloadable timesheets

Export any timesheet as a fully editable XLSX file.

Invoices from timesheets

Create an instant invoice for all the billable tasks within a timesheet.

Real-time stats

Full view on the time tracked and their billing status.

Public link

Share timesheets with anyone using a unique public view only link.

Send timesheets

Send an email to anyone with the timesheet attached.


Clean dashboard

Have a bird's eye view of all your projects and their current stages.

Project templates

Save projects as templates to reuse them again.

Custom fields

Add more information to your projects by creating custom fields.

Custom statuses

You don't need to change the way you work, set your own project workflow and stages.

Progress indicator

Each project has a visual progress bar that updates in real-time.

Project files

Upload files directly from your computer or third party apps like Google Drive or Facebook.


Use the brief editor to set clear goals and deliverables for every project.


Stay organized by creating tags for project type, size or anything else.

Colored tags

Add color tags to your projects to visually group them.

Turnaround dates

Set the start and deadline dates of your projects.

Project currency

Projects will inherit the default business currency, but you can override it per project.

Hourly rate

Specify the hourly rate of each project to be used when billing for tracked time.


Add contributors such as clients or teammates to collaborate with you on projects.


Start a conversation with anyone involved in the project.

Public view

Share your project tasks publicly using a customizable link.


Projects will inherit the default user permissions, but you can override them per project.

Multiple views

Visualize your projects in a simple list, cards or a stunning timeline view.


Multiple payment methods

Connect your Stripe, PayPal or bank account and accept payments securely.

Multi currencies

Invoices inherit the default business currency, but you can override the currency per invoices.


Create and manage recurring billing and invoices.

Payment schedule

Effortlessly split an invoice to spread out payments across multiple invoices.

Custom fields

Customize your invoices to match your needs with custom fields.

Send and track

Email your invoices to be paid and track when they are opened and paid.

Mark as paid

You can manually mark an invoice as paid or unpaid.


Download a clean PDF version of your invoices.


Apply a flat rate or percentage discounts to items or the total amount.


Set your default tax rate and adjust it per invoice or item.


Add a reference to invoices for the records.

Invoice footer

Add notes and terms to your invoices.

Issue and due dates

Those are automatically set, but you can easily change them, too.

Assign to client

Easily assign an invoice to a client to instantly populate their details.

Assign to projects

Attach invoices to projects so you could keep track to where they belong.

Public link

Each invoice has a unique public link so you could share it with anyone.

Custom numbering

Set a prefix, suffix or even start your invoices from a specific number.

Billable tasks

Instantly add billable tasks from timesheets to invoices.

Instant notifications

Receive push notifications as soon as your invoices are viewed or paid.


Drag & Drop

Create proposals in minutes using our intuitive drag and drop editor.


Add items to your proposal and set them as required or optional.


Create packages with multiple options for your client to choose from.


Build proposals from a variety of blocks such videos, text, tables, images and more.

Electronic signatures

Your clients can sign and approve proposals with legally binding online signatures.

Send and track

Effortlessly track when your proposals and contracts are opened and signed.


Automatically create projects and invoices when proposals are signed.


Enable your client to adjust the quantity of items before accepting the proposal.

Mark as approved

Manually mark a proposal as approved


Download a clean PDF version of your proposals and contracts.


Create templates for your proposals, contracts and even blocks.

Creation and expiry dates

Those are automatically set, but you can easily change them, too.

Assign to client

Easily assign a proposal to a client to instantly populate their details.

Assign to projects

Attach proposals to projects so you could keep track to where they belong.

Public link

Each proposal has a unique public link so you could share it with anyone.

Instant notifications

Stay up to date and be the first to know when your proposals are viewed and approved.


Electronic signatures

Create contracts and legally binding documents in minutes with electronic signatures.

Multiple signees

Set your contracts to be signed by one or multiple parties.

Blocks based editor

Build your contracts from a variety of blocks such text, tables, images and more.

Send and track

Effortlessly track when your proposals and contracts are opened and signed.


Download a clean PDF version of your contracts.


Create templates for your contracts to reuse them.

Attach to a proposal

Make your proposals legally binding by attaching a contract.

Public link

Each contract has a unique public link so you could share it directly with the signees.


Comprehensive profiles

Everyone has a clean profile with all you need to know accessible in an instant.

Profile notes

Easily add private notes to contact and company profiles.


Log and schedule calls, meetings or anything else on people's profiles.

Company profiles

Create profiles for companies and easily group people with them.

Invite people

Invite anyone to Plutio to collaborate with you on almost anything.

Custom fields

Track more details about everyone in your business with custom fields.

Colored tags

Assign colored tags to people profiles for an enhanced visual view

Real-time status

View when someone is online, away or offline.

Local time

View someone's local time, effortlessly.


Archive profiles to suspended their access to the business.


Instant direct messages

Start a conversation with anyone in private from within Plutio.

Email sync

Connect and sync third party email accounts such as Gmail or Outlook.

People view

Instantly group emails by people for a more conversational experience.

Live chat

Add a customisable live-chat widget anywhere you want, such as your website or app.

Canned responses

Give a thought out, pre-written response so that you can instantly reply while on-the-go.

Convert to tasks

Convert any message or email into a task in a click of a button.


Snooze conversations to get back to them at a later time.

Send later

Schedule an email or a response to be sent at any time you choose.

Auto draft

Your draft messages are automatically saved so you can finish them later.

Custom statuses

Create customised statues for conversions such as Opened, Closed or Pending response.


Unlimited workspaces

Create as many wiki workspaces as you want, each with their own unique preferences and permissions.

Fully customisable

Add images, videos, tables and more using an initiative drag and drop editor.

Private wiki

Clutter free and secure space for you to jog ideas and keep things organized.

Knowledge Base

Share an easy to use knowledge base with your team to keep everyone up to date.

Help centre

Publish an intuitive help centre for your clients to quickly find answers to their questions.


Bird's eye view

The calendar shows everything from tasks to projects and even invoices.


Create events, set their due dates and even assign them to projects.

Google Integration

Connect and sync your Google calendar with Plutio instantly.

Calendar feed

Import your in-app calendar into third-party calendars like Google, Apple and Microsoft.


Public API

Connect to third-party apps or even your own systems, to sync data and create automated workflows.


Automation platform that allows you to connect apps together and create automated scenarios between them.

Google calendar

Connect and sync your Google calendar with Plutio instantly.

Finally, everything in one place

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