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5 Reasons To Hire Remote Workers

April 23, 2021

We, as employers or recruiters, receive thousands of applicants each month but where do we actually seek the right ones that can fit available positions the best? Telework has overtaken the dull office jobs and more and more enterprises hire remote employees. If you haven’t seized that opportunity to outsource your workers to a home office or simply take the advantage of a mobile workforce, it is high time you changed something.

Reduce cost on both sides

Hiring remote workers means spending less money on transportation, and instead allocating funds more wisely on more important things. As a matter of fact, most expenditures need to cover space, which grows by 80% per employee according to stats

Similarly, remote workers put some money off by free up the time and cost that they would otherwise spend traveling to and from the company’s real estate. Let’s also not forget about office supplies and maintenance that employers need to afford to ensure a cozy working space in the office. For example, when a person does a job remotely, they are free to choose the ideal place of their greatest performance. Either it is a cafe or a home couch. 

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Maintain work/life balance 

Apart from that, recruiting some passionate remote workers indicates an improved work/life balance that everyone struggles to achieve when working offline. Usual office jobs appear to be very demanding and challenging, which compels workers to be purely reluctant to even apply for. Stats show that flexible hours allow teleworkers to run errands and arrange a rendezvous without losing a full day. 

It allows workers to be accessible and agile, trim the timetable according to their needs and spend precious time on more important things in their lives. The same thing applies to absenteeism. Hiring a remote worker means offering agile work options and letting them choose the most suitable schedule, thus avoiding any tardiness from their side and the costs associated with it. When a person works online, it is less complex to find an equilibrium between personal life and career work.

Stay more productive

Beyond the imperative of job experience, remote workers understand the significance of using remote platforms such as Zoom, Slack, Google Calendar, etc. They can bring a greater novelty and acquired knowledge to help you be equally efficient. 

Traditionally, remote workers are know-it-alls who make use of services and can clearly share out tasks in the most sophisticated way. They would not spend hours doing manual uncreative work. On the contrary, they demonstrate the applicability of their best competencies and perform something others would not be able to complete. 

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Address geographical barriers

You are drastically limiting your searching options while offering a position only to local applicants. Flexible jobs eliminate the need to change the entire lifestyle and instead allow to place workers in accordance with their geolocalization. You can hire a real professional on the other side of the continent and in different time zones to ensure synchronous and automatized work. 

Moreover, finding an online worker abroad also means adjusting the salaries to the native country of that employee. There is plenty of professionals living abroad and willing to land a position in international companies, for example. On the other side of the same coin, we can even encounter existing office employees who are ready to take a pay cut of 34%, as Owl Labs report suggests. It means that quite rapidly a trend towards flexible employment grows. So, it is about time you considered switching to an online mode.

Bring work satisfaction

Working off-site is more likely to keep a healthier mindset and passionate attitude towards projects, deadlines. In fact, remote workers appear to be more engaged than employees at physical worksites reports CNBC. And since the pursuit of money isn't necessarily linked only with happiness, it is important for any worker to take pleasure in what he does. They feel more valued, productive and can fulfill their potential, respectively.

Therefore, if you want to pick out these eager individuals and not create room for unhappy office workers instead, schedule a virtual employment today. Perhaps, you as a boss or an HR manager will also be more satisfied interviewing and accepting workers with a positive sense about the role.


Many companies are famous for having purely distributed teams that offer remote jobs for flexible work. And enterprises are missing out on various possibilities, such as: 

  • hiring professionals of other backgrounds
  • stabilizing performance and rest
  • cutting costs and unnecessary expenditures

Knowing that, rethink your staff selection and give a chance to some talented remote folks.

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