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7 Cost-Effective Marketing Tips That Can Help Your Freelance Business Grow

March 11, 2021

There are 1.1 billion freelancers around the world, representing 35% of the global workforce. This is not surprising as more and more businesses are digitizing many aspects of their operations.

There are many reasons people opt for freelancing. It can be the time flexibility it provides and the opportunity it gives you to start a business.

But here's the thing: It can be challenging to run your freelancing business.

For one, you have a job to maintain. Second, running a business can be time-consuming and expensive. Third, you need to chase down new business opportunities if you want your business to grow.

So, what should you do?

First off, do not panic. Second, follow the seven marketing tips below so you can systematically grow your freelancing business.

Launch a Website or Blog

If you want to run a freelancing business, you should have a website and blog. All you need is a domain name, reliable web host, and content management system, and you are good to go.

Let go of perfection and do not think of SEO yet. What you need at the moment is a functional website ‒ a platform wherein you can redirect potential clients.

Moreover, your website is a place where you can showcase your knowledge and output. Think of it as your portfolio.

Use a Lead Magnet

According to Dan Treul, a lead magnet is what you offer in exchange for a prospect's email.

For instance, you are a freelance wellness coach. You can offer a downloadable workbook that can help someone kickstart his wellness journey. In exchange, you get his email.

It is just a matter of having an offer so irresistible; your prospects would be so willing to give their email to you without a second thought.

Automate Your Email Marketing Campaign

Now that you have your prospects' email, the next step is to keep giving them something valuable.

But juggling between life, work, and your freelance business, it can be challenging to churn out content regularly. This is where email automation can help.

You can use any affordable email marketing and CRM tool that suits your needs. What's important is that you can write your email and schedule when you send it to your subscribers.

As a result, you can send out your emails consistently.

Host Online Events

If you want to grow your freelance business, you should showcase your skills and expertise. And the best way to do that is to host a content event.

An example of a content event is a webinar.

Whether you alone or with a guest, a webinar allows you to showcase what you know. It is also an excellent way to promote your business and attract potential clients.

Mind you; a webinar can also be your lead magnet.

Spread the Word About Your Business

Here's the thing: You are less likely to make your freelance business grow if your potential clients don't know it exists.

That said, you should network and spread the word about your business.

It can be something like sprucing up your social media profiles. Another is joining and creating relevant online groups. Lastly, participate in online and offline events.

However, learn to be intentional of your networking opportunities. That's because attending every webinar can get costly and take too much of your time. And this is time you could have spent nurturing subscribers and turning them into clients.

Ask for Client Reviews

Besides attending networking events, asking previous clients for reviews is another excellent way to promote your business.

What you can do is send your clients an email or message, nudging them to leave a review. Do not forget to thank them or give them an incentive for leaving a review. And in case they did not, just send them a reminder after a couple of days.

Keep in mind that your reputation is a valuable asset. Hence, you should protect and leverage it.

Ask for Referrals

According to Wharton Business School's study, acquiring referred clients costs $23.12 less than acquiring non-referred clients. Hence, you should include referrals to your marketing campaign.

One of the excellent ways to ask for referrals is to give your previous clients an incentive. There are many ways to track this, but one of the most common tactics is using an affiliated link.

You give your existing client an affiliated link, which he will share through his social media platform. That link will contain some tracking code that allows you to detect the source of the conversion. In this case, it can be the name of your existing client.

When one of his friends clicks that link and books a coaching session with you, you would know whom you should incentivize.

Final Thoughts

Let's face it: Marketing your freelancing business can be time-consuming and expensive. However, it is also something that you cannot ignore.

Good thing, marketing ideas to promote your freelance business are never scarce. And the seven marketing tips can help you get started in spreading the word out about your venture.

About the Author: Kevin Urrutia is the founder of Voy Media, a SaaS Marketing Agency based in New York. He helps people promote their SaaS business by creating digital marketing, demand and lead generation, content, and web design and strategies.

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