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8 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Remote Career

March 10, 2021

Remote work is gaining serious popularity in many industries. Many jobs now even advertise as freelance or remote positions, when before they would have been office-based 9 to 5 jobs. Of course, as with any type of work, there are pros and cons to remote work. But in general, remote working is thought to make people happier and more productive.

Maybe you want to spend more time at home with your cats, or fancy travelling to the remote corners of the globe. Whatever the motivation, here are some reasons why you should consider a remote career.

1. You Can Work From Anywhere In The World

One of the great things about remote working is that you can work from wherever you want in the world.

You could be sitting on a beach in Hawaii sending faxes online to a co-worker in Berlin. You could be visiting family in Tokyo while thinking up marketing campaign ideas for a freelance job in Oaxaca. Heck, you could be sending an email from a café in Paris, Texas to a colleague sitting in a café in Paris, France. Working remotely gives you the freedom to be part of a global economy. This means that you aren’t restricted to taking a job in the city you live.

Even if you don’t have the travel bug remote work opens up opportunities that wouldn’t exist otherwise. You no longer need to live within commuting distance of your office - instead, you can live in the location you want to.

What’s more, is that by not being tied down to one place, you reduce the risk of remote work fatigue. Having the freedom to spice things up and make a change to your surroundings can have major benefits, and let you experience things you might otherwise not be able to.

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2. Work to Your Schedule

Not all remote jobs are flexible, but many - especially freelance roles - are. More and more remote jobs are offering flexible schedules or part-time work, especially as they grow globally and need to contend with different time zones.

Some people are more switched on at 6 am and others at 10 pm. Working remotely allows people to work their own hours and produce better work depending on their body clocks.  You can even split the day up - working 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours at night. The choice is yours! With an endless range of remote collaboration tools, people can do and send work at a time that works for them.

Of course, keep in mind that some companies might still want to stick to the regular office hours. If this is the case, you can always try and negotiate the hours you are available to join in with things like team meetings. Fortunately, thanks to secure video conferencing, you can still take part in meetings even when you aren’t face to face with your colleagues. You may be able to find a hybrid of the two - keeping a set commitment to meetings, but otherwise working to your own schedule.

3. Work/Life Balance

Having a flexible schedule simply gives people more freedom in general. Picking your hours means that you have the time to do things in a day that you might normally miss out on with an office job. Even with set hours, your breaks are in your own space - allowing you to do things like go for a mid-morning run.

Remote working means that people don’t have to choose between their private life and their career. You might need to pick up the kids from school, or want to take part in a late-afternoon art class. By organizing a plan or remote work strategy, you can figure out a work/life balance that works for you.

Although it seems small, making time for what you want without feeling glued to a job schedule or having to factor in your commute is great for your mental health.

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4. It’s Good for Your Health

Anybody who has ever worked in an office knows how easy it is to gain an extra few pounds. You sit in the same seat all day, boredom eating and getting quick take-outs for lunch. Working from home doesn’t just give you the option to hit the gym or go for a walk in the middle of the day. It also means that you can drink more water without feeling watched, or have time to make that healthy and filling lunch without worrying about stinking up the microwave.

You can still write a blog on the benefits of VoIP or create a brilliant film about a new product. The difference is, when working from home, you can be healthier whilst doing it. Working in your own space even gives you the chance to get up and stretch your legs or peel your eyes away from a screen every 20 minutes, without feeling like you will get in trouble for taking too many breaks during work hours.

All this will lead to a happier you and ultimately, will improve your freelance career as time goes by. Let’s not forget: mental health is a huge part of health too!

5. No More Commuting

Imagine if every morning on your way to work you walked through an open field filled with flowers and trees and it was oh-so-lovely. Maybe then you wouldn’t mind the commute! But we all know for the majority of people, that simply isn’t true. Most of us end up crammed onto public transport or stuck in traffic, just praying for the journey to end . Working remotely means saying goodbye to all that stress.

Just think, no more elbows in the face. No more pushing your way onto an already packed train And no more paying extortionate amounts just to get from A to B. One of the best points about not having to commute anymore is that it gives you way more time in the morning. That’s time for a proper breakfast, early morning yoga, or simply more sleep - not to mention more time to focus more on that project management work or prepping for your next meeting.

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6. It’s A Move For The Future

It’s already been mentioned that more and more companies are choosing to hire remotely. Building your experience now will give you the edge over other applicants, as you can prove your trustworthiness and capability in working away from the office. So, if in an interview you are asked “How will you deal with analytical call tracking when working from home?” You can comfortably answer and impress potential employers.

Also, if you work freelance, chances are you may end up working for more than one firm. This means if anything happens to one company, you can still rely on others until you find a replacement. You never know, it may even allow you to increase your freelance income by finding a better-paid role.

7. You Can Save Money

Going out to work is much more expensive than most of us probably realize. To start with, there is the commute. Which, depending on where you live, can add up to thousands a year. Then there are the expensive work clothes, lunches, and everyday coffee breaks which can quickly add up. If you run a company, there is also money going out to pay for the actual building too.

When working from home, you don’t have to pay for any of this. How much money does that save? A lot.

You can still share files online whilst working from your own home, wearing your own clothes, eating your own food, and not having to pay extra rent. Sonot only will it make you happier, it’ll make you a little bit richer too.

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8. You Will Be More Productive

As has been mentioned several times, remote working provides opportunities to be happier. As a result, you will probably be more productive too. Whether you work on developing ecommerce platforms, illustrate children’s books, or sell the latest IT software, remote work gives you more autonomy and freedom. This results in actually wanting to put the effort in and produce great results.

What’s more is that when creating a productive remote work schedule, you might even be encouraged to take time to develop your skills because you want to. Rather than because you feel forced to. Something which will keep you producing great work from home and for yourself.

There are so many reasons to think about going remote. Whether you want to spend more time with friends and family, or want to feel more empowered in your role. Working remotely gives you the opportunities that working in an office simply doesn’t. With remote working growing more and more popular all the time, perhaps it’s time you swap the office for the house - or even the beach!

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