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All Things You Need to Know Before Becoming an International Freelancer

October 18, 2021

Working flexible hours and being your own boss sounds great, but it’s not a job for everyone. Since the market for freelancers is growing, it’s no wonder many of them choose to work outside their countries. To become an international freelancer, you will need a few skills and some experience. In most cases, you’ll be speaking English with clients, but knowing an additional foreign language is a big bonus. Depending on the type of work you do, becoming an international freelancer can bring many upsides to your career. Take a look at the most important things you should know before starting this journey.

Benefits of becoming an international freelancer

It’s a known fact that freelancers enjoy flexible working hours. However, this doesn’t mean that their job is always easier. Finding new clients and adapting to different projects can be stressful sometimes. Without the knowledge and experience, it could be difficult for many to find freelance jobs.

On the other hand, plenty of freelancers looking for work outside their countries, and for a few reasons. First, learning a new culture and experiencing different kinds of communication with clients can be interesting, to say the least. With a few years of prior experience, there is a good chance to earn more money, too. Take a look at some of the biggest benefits of becoming an international freelancer:

  • Learning new culture. If you want to work for clients from a country you never visited, getting to know their culture will be recommended. Learning about their people’s habits, lifestyle and ways of thinking is one of the upsides of working internationally.
  • Getting new experiences. You might be used to certain ways to communicate with clients. However, communication could be quite different in other countries.
  • More money for less work. If you work for clients who have different living standards, you could expect more money for your work.
  • Expanding your business network. Connecting with people around the world is always a good idea!

You’ll need some work experience

Becoming an international freelancer is not easy, especially for beginners. In order to start working for international clients, you will need some experience in your field. If you never worked freelance, there will always be ways to educate and learn how this process works. On the other hand, if you have years of experience in the freelancing business, working internationally could pay off big time.

Previous experience in the business will be a benefit in two ways. First, if you have ways to beat your competition, you’ll have an easier time finding new clients. Also, becoming an international freelancer is easier if you are already used to flexible working hours.

You can earn more for less time

Finding work abroad has one small catch. On one hand, this is usually the chance for freelancers to book projects for more money. However, this process also includes a wider competition market, which is why finding clients is not always easy. If you decide to become an international freelancer, all you’ll need to do is look for countries with higher living standards than yours. Obviously, 50 dollars don’t have the same worth all around the world. If you manage to book clients who pay more than you are used to, becoming an international freelancer could pay off big time.

Get ready to learn about a new culture

For some freelance jobs, learning about a new culture is a part of the everyday job. If you are a writer, a marketing expert, or do a similar job, you know how important it is to expand your knowledge. For other freelance jobs (like in architecture), you might need to know more about the country you’ll be working for. Getting to know a new culture, different laws and regulations will most likely be a part of the job.

Consider working for different time zones

Having flexible working hours can be great, except when you have to work in different time zones. So, if you want to be in bed by midnight, it might not work when you become an international freelancer. If you have deadlines for certain projects you need to send, your working hours could be more flexible. However, communicating with clients online on a daily basis will require being available at different times during the day.

Learn to communicate with foreign clients

There is one skill that freelancers are really good at. And that is – communicating with plenty of different types of people. Since freelancers usually have a few sources of income, it’s only natural for them to handle difficult clients. To become an international freelancer, you will need to prepare for cultural differences, formalities, and ways to speak to a client. If you are just starting out your career, consider looking for English-speaking clients for a start.

Speaking a foreign language is a bonus

In order to become an international freelancer, you will most likely need proficient knowledge of English. However, knowing another foreign language can be a big upside in this type of job. If you can incorporate another language in your freelancing career, it will be a big plus.

How to get clients as an international freelancer?

It’s not easy to book reputable clients in a freelancing job, especially if you are a beginner. Working internationally could be even more difficult considering the competition you’ll have. If you need to find work as an international freelancer, you will have one of two options. The first one is to look for work with an international company. There are plenty of them who hire freelancers online, but they also work for commission. The other solution is to expand your business network, create a stunning resume and send it directly to clients. The second option is more likely to bring you more money, but it’s also the riskier one.

Whether you just started looking for jobs or have years of experience, becoming an international freelancer can have plenty of benefits. If you are ready to put in more work, expand your knowledge and adapt to different clients, this job might be perfect for you!

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