Plutio - Best Ways to Gain New Leads: The Ultimate Guide

Best Ways to Gain New Leads: The Ultimate Guide

August 4, 2021

Finding new leads is crucial for your business. Lead generation is the backbone of every business, and as long as the spine is healthy, your business is on the right track. A steady flow of leads is coming your way in helping your company gain the traction needed for sustainable growth. 

Still this is not always an easy task. Even though you spend the resources on the "proven ways", you are always stuck with that uneasy feeling that you miss something important. If you are stuck with that feeling that you are falling short of your business and financial goals, perhaps it is time for the fine-tuning of your lead generation strategy. 

We will dive into both conventional and unconventional strategies for effective lead generation. Notice which one delivers the best results and keep on modifying it until you are in the right place. But, first, let's explore some of the best ways to gain new leads.

Facebook ads are still doing the trick

One of the most powerful ways for lead generation is Facebook ads. However, Facebook ads still have a significant advantage compared to the other lead generation ways because you have various options for targeting your leads.

When you are crafting your Facebook ad, you should keep in mind the following:

  • Offer something for free - let's face it, people love getting things for free. When you have something interesting to offer, it will be easier for them to leave their contact information. 
  • Make sure that the ad is related to your content people are clicking. If it is not matching, people might assume that there is a mistake and leave.
  • Visuals matter - remember that eye-catching visuals are always doing a great job. Use a vivid color palette, skip the grayscale or shades of blue - they are plain, and they will easily blend with the feed, so people will often overlook them.
  • Videos are always great for lead generation. Remember to include CTA in your promotional videos.

Best ways to gain new leads with a bit of personalization

It is incredible to see the true power of personalization in the digital era. But, let's face it - we don't want just to be seen as another transaction. You want to be treated like you are a star of the funnel. 

Customers prefer more personalization now; they will return in most cases to a retailer that knows their name and their history of purchases. 

So how to utilize personalization in the best way to gain new leads? Email marketing is an inclusive lead generation tool, and it will always be. 

Yet, a little bit of personalization can help you a lot in building brand loyalty. First, greet your recipient by the first name. 

Then, remember to group your recipients by factors such as purchasing histories, interests, location, demographics; you will be amazed just how these small touches work.

The key is to measure how this works - compare how many emails are open and how many customers came back in the end. 

Discounts and coupons

We already mentioned that people love getting free stuff. The other thing they definitely love is getting attractive discounts. Once you kickstart your campaign - you need to notify your customers via emails and social media. You don't expect your clients to find these coupons in some obscure places on the internet? 

If possible, create website banners and ads with your coupons and discounts to reach more customers via all channels you can.

Live chat

Another rising star of customer personalization, believe it or not, is live chat. It is considered one of the best ways to connect with your customers. For a good reason - no one likes reaching to the customer service via phone and then waiting for the operator to pick up. Plus, most people today have phone anxiety. Therefore, when they need information regarding the products, one of the best ways is through live chat. 

But remember to use live chat wisely - it is not the same if you are a B2B company and a retailer. When you are in the retail sphere, it is okay to be a bit informal on the live chat. It will be a pleasant experience for your customer, and they will most likely leave their contact information.

Don't underestimate the power of Facebook messenger as well. You can provide your customers with all the information they need and use that channel to promote your services later. 

Quizzes, Forms, and Surveys 

Quizzes are a great way to refine the quality of your leads. Remember that in lead generation, you need to aim for the right kind of people. There might be a thousand people in your sales funnel, but that number doesn't matter if they are not the right audience. 

Quizzes and surveys are a great and fun way of capturing customer data. You will get valuable insights into your customers. Ways that you can use quizzes are numerous - you can ask your visitors to solve a quiz before entering your website and reward them with a content upgrade. 

When it comes to forms, we know that people tend to be a bit lazy. If your forms have five pages of typing the information, it is most likely that your lead will get stuck somewhere in the funnel. So pre-filled forms are a life savior in these situations. 

High-quality content your customers will be content with

Content is king for a reason. It is a great way to attract both traffic and leads. First, make sure to do thorough research of your target audience, find their common interests and problems they need to solve. Then, you can write a specific blog post proposing the right solution. Always aim for longer, more in-depth pieces, and remember to insert a lead magnet. 

The lead magnet could be, for example, an exciting e-book. It will make it easier for your customers to leave their contact information. From there, you will establish a relationship much easier.

In conclusion

Lead generation is never easy. You don't need to have an automated process from the beginning to an end right away. First, you need to know what will work the best for your type of business.

Plutio is offering great solutions, and it is up to you to explore all the possibilities. We want to make your lead generation smoother. So what are the best ways to gain new leads? Let's find out together!

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