Plutio - New advanced files system
Product update

New advanced files system

August 30, 2018

Create folders

Organize files into as many folders as you want, you can even drag and drop files into folders for a quicker sorting.

Each folder can have its own permission settings and color.

New files preview

The built-in file preview has been completely redesigned for an enhanced user experience. Each file now have a sidebar with details such as date uploaded, format and size. We've also introduced custom fields and comments to each file.

New task attachment and cover images

Each task now has a new attachment tab, keeping all files related to tasks in a one place. You can also set an image attachment as the task cover image.

Documents and linked files

Create simple documents and create linked files directly from within Plutio.

Drag and drop files anywhere to upload

Drag as many files as you want and drop them anywhere into Plutio to quickly upload them.

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