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Everything About Writing Social Media Posts That Sell

February 17, 2021

More than a means of connecting friends with each other, social media has become a necessary tool for marketers to get in touch with their potential customers, develop themselves professionally, and generate income. However, you may not achieve the desired goal if your posts are not visually oriented, engaging, searchable, and selling. The content you create on your social media network is meant to build your visibility, your authority, and to sell your value and worth.

Most times, content can be daunting to create, especially if you do not have any skills or enough time in your hands to manage a social media account. You may find yourself trembling at the thought of creating a social media post that will sell your product or service, and wondering, "who will do my homework for me." Before you conclude that you cannot do this on your own, here are vital tips you need to know about writing social media posts that sell.

Avoid pushy posts

Of course, you want each post you create to sell your value, but you should not focus on sales in every post you make. Nobody wants to believe they can be bought; therefore, too much marketing will do the opposite of your intention by chasing away the target audience. So how do you keep a balance between pushy posts and letting your social media content sell your value naturally?

You can achieve those by:

Being casual: Social media acts as a platform that connects friends, so you do not want to be all professional on your post in a way that makes people want to scroll away. Leave your serious tone for your website. Let your voice take the tone of the particular social network you are creating the post for. Your Instagram post should differ from your Facebook or even your Twitter post.

Creating personalized posts: Try to keep the post friendly with a personal touch by using pronouns like I, me, you, we. Using them creates an environment where the client feels like you are speaking to him/her directly and alone.

Showing your personality across posts.

Responding to comments and sharing ideas with your audience.

Create an eye-catching first impression

When writing a post, try to get your point across in the first few seconds. Creating a catchy and attractive caption may be all you need to promote your post. Let the caption or headline summarize your product or service while also getting your reader attuned to your post's background. Do not be passive, but actively seek to make your post intriguing by being controversial if necessary.

By using the right hashtags, you will attract the right clients to your work, and also create a good impression. The reason is that the right hashtags work like keywords in search engine optimization (SEO). They increase your chances of being reached by people who are not on the social platform you are using.

Use visual representations

Depending on your target audience, you need to take advantage of all the different ways you can create a post on the various social networks available. Whether on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, the visual perception of your whole post is very important. This advantage means that instead of using only written words, you can pass your information across through:

● GIFs

● Memes

● Animations

● Quality images

● Product videos

● Inspirational quote posts

● Instagram and Facebook Stories

● Live video updates such as Facebook Live, Twitter Live

● Videos posts: You can share your video posts across all social networks. These include Facebook, Instagram (stories and in-feed inclusive), Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Tell stories

Storytelling is a great marketing technique that aids in selling your value, product, or service on social media. It is a potent persuasion tool that cuts straight to the chase and draws the right customers to your website or CTA. Storytelling comes across as authentic more than any pushy or sale-y posts you can deliver. In your posts, talk about a win you recently had, describe your inspiration, celebrate your colleagues or employees, tell their stories.

You could talk about the difficulties you encountered before achieving a particular goal and the emotions you experienced along the way. Find a way to turn your experiences into an interesting story that will create a selling post for your social networks. Let your customers in on a behind-the-scene moment, say something new, valuable, and different.

While you want to tell a story, try to keep it short and simple. Introduce your stories and incorporate a link to your blog or website where the interested visitor can continue following up. If you are introverted but interested in storytelling, this article on entrepreneurship will guide you on how to effectively optimize your social platforms without excess engagement on your part.

Evoke emotions

Before you can talk about engaging an audience in a post, you have to understand who they are. You have to create a persona around the lifestyles, interests, and values of these people. Structure your post so that it evokes emotions and provokes a response while engaging your audience and selling to them. You want to get your potential customer to react to your posts positively.

You do not just want to amaze your followers; no, you want them to respond and become your clients. Remember, as a marketer, you are not selling a physical product or service; instead, you are selling emotions. The emotions which need not be either positive or negative will increase reader engagement.

You could invite your audience to comment on their viewpoints. Or you could use polls and surveys to engage your followers too. Find a way to make the questions fun and let the follower know that their inputs are welcome. Using external help such as paying an influencer or a content creator to create posts that fit your brand can help you reach more clients and attract more sales.

Promotional offers

Offers are another way of engaging your audience positively. Note that you are on social media to help your customers solve a problem, avoid risk, or achieve a goal. Make your posts on tips, strategies, and advice that help your viewers in a potential situation. Also, by rewarding your followers, such as by hosting a contest and giveaways, you can gain new ones.

In addition to the tips above, be sure to add the links to your website, blog, or online store on your social media posts so that your target audience will get closer to being customers. A landing page link added to the offer will drive the potential customers to you.


Knowing how to write social media posts for your business is vital, especially if it is your goal as a marketer or an entrepreneur to attract clients to your content. Whether you use dissertation writing services or not, if these tips are followed, your social media posts are bound to attract attention, and most importantly, drive up your sales.

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