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How to Build your Reputation as a Freelancer

August 4, 2021

‘’Your brand name is only as good as your reputation’’ - Richard Branson.  Pay attention to this advice from a guy that recently went on a casual ride to space. 

If you are still waiting for your rocket launch among the freelancing stars, you know that an amazing reputation can give you an initial boost.

You’ve probably lost count of how many business proposals you’ve sent, but it still seems like you are not getting enough responses. 

Boosting up your online reputation is a great tool to convince your clients - without too much convincing. Therefore, let your reputation do the trick. 

When someone reaches up to us using the internet, the first thing we do is research. Social media profiles publish work, and based on that, we create our puzzle. 

So, how do you build your reputation as a freelancer? Where do you begin? 

Let’s explore some valuable ways.

Establish your online presence on freelance platforms and social media

The first step in building a solid reputation as a freelancer is, of course, to set the right foundations. 

Next, make profiles on prominent freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and more. There are also platforms for writers exclusively, so make sure that you are omnipresent on every channel. 

Highlight your skills, showcase some of your previous works and take care of every possible detail.

This also applies to your social media. A strong LinkedIn profile can bring you a lot of new connections as well. There are many people from your niche looking for people with your skillset. You just need to help them find you. 

Complete your profile and add more details and work. Don’t forget to share your work! Sharing content in LinkedIn groups can also be helpful in case you wonder how to build your reputation as a freelancer. Share your work and spark the discussion. 

Get published on websites relevant to your niche 

When publishing your works, make sure to find websites that fit your niche. Do research first and find the websites that match your niche. You want to get noticed by the experts in your field - make sure to knock on the right doors. 

It is always great to get in touch with editors and content managers of authoritative websites from your niche. Social media or email, it is up to you to decide. 

After your work gets published, it’s ok to go into a shameless self-promotion mode and share it everywhere. People love fresh ideas and fresh content.

Courses and Certifications

Courses and certifications are great answers to a question on how to build your reputation as a freelancer. Working as a freelancer also means constant improvements in your education. Your skills need to remain fresh, and you always need to keep pace with new trends and demands on the market. Udemy offers some fantastic courses, and there are always attractive discounts to be found.

Also, join communities of freelancers looking for gigs. They are usually more than willing to share some valuable resources. Finally, remember that competitors are not always enemies. Sometimes they can help you learn something new.

When you finish the courses, make sure to share your certification online. Remember how your dentist had all his certificates framed on the wall of his office? Well, you need to make a digital version of that. 

Start small but think big

All freelancers dream of landing a big project that will make them rich overnight. Sadly, it only happens in movies that don’t have ‘’Based on true events’’ in the opening credits. 

Every success comes gradually, and it is the most natural thing. No skipping or cheat codes. Just hard work and determination. Yet, you don’t need to work very hard from the start. 

Start with projects that are easy to complete; every small victory counts. Then, raise the bar a bit higher next time. 

Then, when your potential customers look at your track record, they will see dozens of finished projects, which makes a suitable base for building trust.

Go above and beyond for customers 

When you are thinking about building your reputation in the digital world - you can’t do that without the help of your clients. 

So, consistently exceed the expectations of your clients. Finish the work before the deadline, work on additional tasks free of charge. Don’t be frightened to go over the top for your client sometimes. 

If you do things like this every once in a while, your client will see you as a trusted partner, and they will continue collaborating with you.

Recommend others as well

As a freelancer, you will sometimes get in touch with potential clients and realize that they are looking for a diverse skill set for their projects. In that situation, it is always great to recommend other freelancers. 

The other freelancer will appreciate your gesture, and they will remember it once they get into a challenge like that. 

Reach for the influencers from your industry

To build credibility, do research and connect with influencers from your niche. Sending a friend request won’t be enough in this situation. In this case, only the meaningful conversation can do the trick. 

The easiest way to do this is to talk about their content. You can find the last post the influencer has published and write a detailed comment. Sometimes this process takes time, but it will be worthwhile. You can also write an email. 

You can take an extra step and start sending project proposals where you will share your ideas and explain your vision in detail. We are sure that there are people out there that will appreciate a proactive approach. Once you earn their trust, you can ask them to share some of your works, or you can write your guest post there. 

Soon the audience will start recognizing you as an expert in the field, and you will get the boost to continue. 

Client testimonials and reviews

It is incredible how far great reviews can take you. Don’t be afraid to ask your client for a recommendation or a review. The good practice is that you support them online as well. 

Everyone loves to be supported, so it is always great to connect and share ideas. You can give them recommendations and suggestions, and they will appreciate it. Leaving a 5-star review was never easier.

In conclusion

When you are a freelancer, you are in the management of your own brand. However, keeping an excellent reputation is never an easy job considering the amount of work an average freelancer has. 

Plutio can help you with establishing your reputation as well. We are offering solutions that will make your customer relationships much more accessible. 

Invoicing, contracts - we will make sure your processes are automated. We will help you get your proposals there in time. We are all brands in the end - and we want your brand to succeed.

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