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How to enhance your freelance productivity?

August 27, 2021

Freelancing is getting trendy day by day. More people quit their jobs because of a grumbling boss, not flexible working hours or a green-eyed co-worker, or simply because they want to run their own business. If one of these resonates with you, then you have made the right decision and have become a freelancer. But as time passes, some people find it challenging to motivate themselves to wake up early in the mornings to deal with the work they are doing. We know it happens. Grab a cup of coffee and a notebook and make some notes of the advice that we will be sharing in this article. With all the details below, you will be able to enhance your productivity and stay a prosperous freelancer. 

Right Environment

Make yourself a cozy and inspiring working space.

It is good to have a place where you can concentrate your thoughts and attention only on your work. Depending on the job you do and, on your preferences, it may be a room, a corner in a room, a balcony with flowers all around, or a lovely café in the neighbourhood. Psychologically, when you are sitting in that place, your motivation to work increases as your productivity does. Also, it is helpful that your friends and family know that they should not disturb you if they find you in your working area. You can put motivational cards around, the calendar hanging over the way, or the board with all the things that you want to accomplish. 

Planning is a must

Plan your day thoroughly. Notwithstanding which job you do, if you want to succeed and have a clear plan of where you are going, it is important to plan your day, week, and even month. Let’s imagine that you are a videographer and you need to get 10 videos edited ready in a week. If you do not plan your schedule, postpone the editing and just take new editing work, eventually, you will have loads of work to finish with burning deadlines. Your productivity will get worse and you may start complaining about timing and blame yourself for not being an organized person. In order to avoid all the possible negative outcomes, make a habit of prior planning. It is advisable to write down a to-do list. By breaking massive work into smaller pieces, you will have a visual image of what you need to accomplish at the end of the day and plan your week ahead.

Time management

Time flies. This saying is popular all around different communities, and every working person uses it a lot. For example, most of us have a friend who complains that they can never finish work in time because there is not enough time. In reality, the reason why your friend is having difficulties with timing is that they have poor time management skills. Bear in mind that we want you to become a successful and well-heeled freelancer, for that we advise you to learn to track your time. You can use different time tracking apps or simply use a clock on your tablet or laptop. How can time track help to boost your productivity? First of all, depending on the workload, you will be able to mindfully time plan your day. Set time for each smaller part of work you need to finish. For example, 30 mins on researching a topic and brainstorming if you are a content creator. Make sure that you do not waste your time on googling things rather than related to work, or as a habit do not go on with your social media scrolling news feed.

The other advantage of tracking time is that you are able to observe your progress. By knowing how much time you have spent on any part of the work, you will manage to dedicate the needed amount of time to each task next time.

Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself is a golden tip for a successful and long-lasting career. Have you set yourself a goal? Have you achieved it? Reward yourself for your accomplishment! It is a very good way to see your job not only as a source of money but also as something that you are appraised for at the end.  Do not wait for achieving the biggest target on your list, this way since the path to it may be long enough you will lose motivation to move forward. Each achievement is important since it motivates and illustrates that you are powerful to overcome any barrier and become successful day by day just by yourself. 

Moreover, taking vacations can also be considered a gift to yourself. Freelancers are in a unique position where only they are responsible for their work or business. Due to that, sometimes we observe that they are getting extremely tired and exhausted of the great amount of responsibility they carry. This mindset will not lead to positive outcomes and eventually will not result in productivity. To avoid that, just whenever you feel that way, take breaks, go on vacations with your friend, family, or just alone. There you will find time to reflect on the things you have been doing and you will see new ideas and thoughts coming to your mind that will inspire you to kick the new projects off. No matter how long your break is, some days, a week, or some months. It is totally up to the person and their well-being. Take your time and spare the needed amount of days for your reflection and relaxation. You will feel when you are ready to boost your productivity.

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