Plutio - Stop chasing clients, start building relationships! 🚀

Stop chasing clients, start building relationships! 🚀

September 11, 2019

The best way to stop chasing clients and keep them? Communicate 🤝

The interesting thing with business is that the sales process is very similar to the dating process… which brings us to the one thing that “turns off” a client, “chasing”.

You know just what we’re talking about, right…?

😱 Calling their mobile x4 times a day

😱 Messages like “Hey, it’s Leo… just checking in” that come across casual, but have still got that underlined tension.

😱 That email to follow up the calls and texts… oh yes, you’ve gone to next level control freak #Stalker101

So what do you need to do to step out of “chasing” mode? Don’t worry it’s more simple than it seems!

Never leave a meeting or call without agreeing the next contact point. Think of this as a link between one part of the sales process and the next so that the client (and you) is never left unaware of what’s happening.

So if your client needs to check their schedules of finances, instead of shying away or saying “let me know when you’re ready,'' agree the time when you will next speak and add it to your diary/schedule.

2. Build in a Deadline 📅

This is why incorporating a special offer or tailored offer is a great idea… (because it fits in with your timeline & sales funnel). Let the client know that if they want to go ahead with your offer or proposal they need to let you know by Friday, or get their first session booked by the end of the month, or another built in deadline that fits with your business goals.

3. Never send JUST a proposal 📱

And finally, never just “send a proposal”.  Instead make the proposal verbally during a conversation and only send it in writing if the client agrees with it in principle. When you do this, you never need to wonder if the client is still serious and interested.

Even if the process of getting them initially signed up, if they are turning up for calls they are interested and if they don’t turn up then they aren’t and that's the one you can let go of.

Basically the key messages here are “build a solid relationship and see this as networking instead of just getting in front of people” as well as “don’t lose control of your sales process to ensure that you aren’t put on the back food and once you start that “chasing” process, it is really hard to regain the relationship balance.

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