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How to Start Writing Articles as a Freelancer in 2021

May 24, 2021

Freelancing remains one of the fastest-growing employment sectors. Along the same line, the need for quality content has placed writing among the most lucrative freelancing ventures. There is no better year to start freelance writing than now. Luckily, anybody can start freelance writing and reap a fortune.

While freelance article writing is lucrative, it requires a strategy to guarantee success. The biggest challenge is starting, especially doing it right from the beginning. Remember that a good start will shorten the learning curve and increase your earning potential.

Here are proven tips on how to start a freelance article writing career. 

Identify a Niche

There are close to eight billion people in the world, each of them looking for specific information. Some are students looking for academic success tips while others want the latest updates in the sporting field. People in different countries and continents are also looking for different types of articles. You must identify a specific niche where to anchor your article writing career.

Passion is a highly reliable guide when looking for an article writing niche. It helps you to produce highly insightful articles that will go viral once published. It will also help you to maintain the momentum, especially at the beginning or during low seasons when revenues are uncertain.

Research on Competition 

Read a bit about writing and the paths you can take in your writing career. Understand the kind of skills you need to survive in the industry so that you will be prepared once you plunge into writing. Unless you can beat the best person or blog in your niche, your chances of success are slim.

Understanding of competition is especially important if you want to start a blog. You discover the tricks that other people are using to rank top on particular keywords. You will have to beat these tricks to emerge as a top writer. 

Sharpen Your Writing Skills

The competition in article writing is becoming fierce by the day. For this reason, you must be at your best to earn a reasonable fortune as a writer. Read and analyze the top blogs in your chosen niche. Gain a few tips to help you deliver the best articles.

While you sharpen your skills, you must find a unique approach to writing so that your articles do not look like all the others. A unique writer makes a blog or a brand more appealing. The uniqueness will entice potential clients to hire your writing services. At the same time, you get more readers and followers if you own a blog.

Gather the Right Tools

Freelance article writing is a craft. You require special tools to help you craft scintillating articles that will go viral. You have the basic tools like a computer and internet connection. However, there are software tools to make writing easier and enjoyable.

A computer with decent processing speed is enough for a freelance writer. However, if your articles will require some graphics work, you need higher resolution and processing power. Besides the computer, there are software tools that will make your work easier. Typing applications help you to draft the paper faster. Editing software picks out errors in your articles, helping you to deliver accurate, engaging, and enticing articles. 

Search for Clients

A freelance writer has two options when looking for work. You may either be employed or start a blog. Clients are mainly businesses looking for articles about their products and services. They are always searching for the best writers, especially those who can capture their ideas.

Look for clients on social media, on their websites, and on professional platforms. On your social media page, you may advertise your writing services. Request your current clients to refer their friends and associates to your writing services as well. 

Register At Freelancing Websites

Freelancing websites are a rich hunting ground for potential clients. The websites are designed as a marketplace where writers showcase their skills while potential employers hunt for the best talents. There are many such platforms where you can advertise your skills. Since each website has unique conditions, you should be flexible to adapt to the conditions. 

Prepare for the Freelancing Experience

Freelance writing is a whole new experience for most people. You work for clients you have never seen and hope to get paid for your services. You also do not have an office where to report every day. There is no boss to assign any work, meaning that your effort in marketing will determine how much you earn. Adjust to such an environment and develop a unique routine to help you win the approval of your clients.

2021 is the best year to start a freelance article writing career. Businesses are shifting a lot of their services online, providing excellent opportunities for freelance writers to thrive. Take a chance and enjoy the fortunes of one of the most lucrative careers of the future. 

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Ann is a freelance writer at with more than 5 years of experience. She has seen the industry grow to become one of the mainstream economic sectors. From her experience and expert tips gathered over these years, she now guides freelancers entering the industry to help them establish solid as well as lucrative careers online. 

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