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How to Write a Business Project Proposal

July 16, 2021

Writing a business project proposal is not an easy task but it can be the bridge to success between you and your client. It is always important to have a solid plan before you begin and to know everything about the topic.

Sending a business project proposal is the best way to approach your potential client. When you approach them with the solution to a problem that’s been giving them headaches for a long period of time, they will be interested to hear everything you have to say.

If you pack all the important information into an attractive package, back it up with data facts and stunning visuals - it is most likely that your business project proposal will be a successful one.

So how do you craft a winning business proposal that will provide the right solution and showcase your expertise in the best way possible? The secret lies in the combination of elements, if you get them right, you'll have some seriously solid foundations. Let’s explore how you can do that.

How do you write a business project proposal?

The components of a successful business project proposal may vary depending on the industry but some elements remain the same. 

A well-written business project proposal begins with the initial research and assessing a problem from a different perspective. Every great business proposal needs to have the following elements, a great foundation for building something innovative:

  • You need to introduce yourself and your company to your potential client. You need to explain your expertise, show your qualifications. What makes you a better fit for this project, compared to your competitors?
  • Show your knowledge about the project. Prove that you did thorough research and that you analyzed all potential solutions and pitfalls of the project. 
  • Summary on how you are going to approach the problem, with potential solutions, estimated timeline, and pricing for your services. 

When you have a holistic and proactive approach, you did your research - you are already halfway there.

What does a business proposal look like?

 Now, let us review a basic structure of the business project proposal as well as some tips that will help you to customize your template for the best results:

The opening is more important than you think

People will often judge a book by its cover.  The title page will set the tone. Your title page needs to look professional enough to get your potential client interested. You need to include all the information, your contact information, your logo. Include the date and the name of the person you are sending your business project proposal to.

Give your business project proposal a concise structure

Create a concise table of contents so your potential client can have a precise overview of your proposal. Keep things simple and let your potential client know what will be covered in your proposal. Remember to make the navigation through the document easier - no one wants to keep scrolling through pages to get to the interesting parts.

It is always great to include the executive summary

All segments of your business proposal are intertwined at all times. While the table of contents is there to make a great structure, the summary is about why you are contacting your potential client. You need to be specific when creating an executive summary. It needs to sum up your entire work in one captivating and convincing page that will help your potential client understand your mission.

Analyze the problem or need and propose your solution

It is about doing your research and analyzing the problem. Talk about how your solution will benefit their company. Is it going to be a financial gain, making their business grow? It is not just about some imaginary scenarios - it is important to talk about a solid plan, with precisely defined deadlines and steps. Convince them that the solution is close, months away.

Present them your expertise and qualifications

If you want to win this project and leave your competitors behind - along with a dose of useful information you need to be a bit persuasive. You need to highlight your qualifications, show some projects that you are proud of, and include testimonials from your clients.

Pricing options 

Make sure to include attractive pricing options. This part is always tricky but make sure to include attractive discounts as well to make them think that it is a great deal that they shouldn’t miss. 

Terms and conditions

Of course, your side matters as well. The proposal is yours so it means that you also set the rules. Of course, be flexible and diplomatic. Make sure that everything is covered and according to the law.

Bonus tips:

  • Make an outline: It is okay to make it more personal, be open about what you want to achieve and why it is important for you. Make sure that the message you want to send is clear enough, mark the important parts.
  • Rich visuals - let’s face it, people have a short attention span. Just thinking about reading 50 pages written in the smallest font possible makes us yawn instantly. So include images, graphs, and explain your data visually. These images will stick to your potential clients longer. Utilize modern technologies as much as you can, no one wants to receive an envelope containing a bunch of papers. 
  • Testimonials - they will maybe remain reserved to everything you say, but when they see testimonials of your previous clients it will help them get familiar with your business better.
  • Videos are also great to add to your business project proposal. It can be a short intro, summary explained. Again this is great for leaving a lasting impression.
  • Make a call-to-action and create a sense of anticipation and urgency - a simple call to action goes the long way. Make sure that you create that anticipation in the head of your client, make them look forward to resolving some problem or need. Try not to use many big words or get lost in the business jargon too much - keep it simple and genuine, they will appreciate it.
  • Use numbers - quantity of data is also very important. Try showing some statistics from your previous client. How many new leads did your previous client get after working with you? These numbers matter!
  • Give it another read...and another...and another. It is important to eliminate all potential typos and do thorough proofreading. 


You are ready to get started now when you have a general idea how a good business project proposal should look like? Well, we can help you to make a business project proposal that will indeed make a difference and leave a lasting impression on your prospective clients.
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