Plutio - Introducing Plutio Public API
Product update

Introducing Plutio Public API

May 1, 2019

The Plutio API allows you to connect your Plutio account with third-party apps or even your own systems, to sync data and create automated workflows.

For example; you could setup it up to create a new lead profile in Plutio every-time someone submits a contact form on your website.

Using the API requires knowledge in programming, if you don't have the necessary knowledge you can always ask for help in our community page.

To get started; we recommend you familiarise yourself with our API documentation here Once you're ready you can generate your keys from the API manager in the settings page inside the app.

Our API is a RESTful interface, has resource-oriented URLs and uses HTTP response codes to indicate API errors, allowing you to programmatically update and access much of your data on the platform.

The API provides predictable URLs for accessing resources and uses built-in HTTP features to receive commands and return responses. This makes it easy to communicate with a wide variety of environments, from command-line utilities to browser plugins to native applications.

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