Plutio - Is Google Adwords a Good Option for Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Is Google Adwords a Good Option for Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

December 15, 2020

Unless you have been living under a rock, you already know that Google is one of the biggest marketing platforms to ever exist on the face of the earth. It is so popular that you might have heard about it from under the rock as well.

Google holds a search engine that dominates its industry with 92.18 per cent market share.  In fact, there are tools available online that are specially curated to help you rank higher with Google. So, you can imagine the potential of an ad portal created by the company.

Irrelevant of whether you decide to hire a digital marketing agency in London or take up the task yourself, the first question that shall always arise is – “Where do you stand on Google?”

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads, renamed from Google Adwords, is an advertising channel for your brand. It works on the PPC model, giving an audience outreach that can be customized according to your preferences.

The first few results you usually see when you conduct a Google search for a product or service is what Google Ads is all about. It allows you to get in front of the line, beating your competitors to the punch. As a content marketing tool, it effectively delivers your brand messaging and call to action without all the ancillary efforts you might have taken otherwise.

Since it is a pay-per-click model, Google Ads only charges you for the customers that are actually interested in taking up your offer. This helps maintain a budget and get real leads with every move.

SEO, or Google Ads?

Working towards the same goal, SEO and Google Ads are as different as walking and driving. While walking takes a lot of effort, it shall help you get there without any external support or incentive.

Driving, on the other hand, needs fuel and skill.

Similarly, with Google Ads and SEO, the deciding factor is not only how soon you’re on top of the mountain, but what are you willing to do to get there. SEO, although organic and free, requires continuous optimization, updates, high-quality content and strict adherence to the rules. Even after all your marketing efforts online, it is a long-term process at best.

Google Ads being a paid service puts you in the front seat and zooms ahead in full speed. Nevertheless, you shall still need to learn how to use the tools effectively if you want to get tangible results. Set incorrectly, it can become a cash-burning machine that leads nowhere.

According to your digital marketing strategy and budget, you get to decide what works for you.

Why Should You Go for Google Ads?

Let’s understand the advantages of investing in Google’s advertising platform and how they help you with your business goals.

Amplified Lead Generator

Google Ads is a targeted service. That means you only are found by the people looking for your products or services. Given that Google is treated like a yellow directory now, it holds the potential to give you a constant flow of prospects that are ready for conversion.

Plus, with its careful filtering, you can redefine your campaigns to attract your ideal buyers every single time. It takes away the pains of brand building through various marketing outlets to deliver a pool of customers that might have taken an eternity to look for otherwise.

Gives Out an Amazing ROI

Return on Investment (ROI) is probably the most crucial metric in terms of digital marketing. It helps you evaluate if the costs beget the revenue. Google Ads is completely transparent in displaying this. Keeping your campaigns side by side, it enables you to see which parts are giving you the money and which ones are taking it away.

Given the level of detail that can be achieved, it does take a little while to find the perfect combination of keywords that bring in the big bucks. But, once you find the right mix, the setup holds power to turn into one of your biggest success stories.
Plus, with a PPC-based structure that can be capped, you are always in control of your finances

Allows You to Tap in at The Right Tim

One of the most distinctive features of Google Ads is that your market messages can be altered depending upon the time of the day they are viewed in. All your campaigns are set in advance in line with your strategies.

For instance, as a beverages brand, you can promote your tea products in the morning and afternoon cycle while pushing all the content about coffee in the latter half of the day. The time-defined advertising gives an added layer of customization that is not available on any other social platform

Optimized for All Size

If you are a local business, you can leverage Google Ads to work specifically in your area. It shall operate within the set boundaries to drive leads directly to your location. Similarly, an MNC can depend upon the service defining the user’s target site and type of device.

Conditional upon the parameters you set, Google Ads shall optimize itself to showcase your brand to people that matter the most to you. With a managed budget, you can also decide the size of the audience you want to capture with each campaign.

So, to answer your question – Yes, Google Ads is a great option to inculcate in your digital marketing strategy. It builds up your brand value with meaningful SERP and connects your audience to you without any red tape in between. Leveraging the tool for all its capabilities, you can not only stay ahead of the competition but, carve your very own niche in the market. If you don’t know where to start, invest a small piece of your marketing budget and start experimenting right away.

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