Plutio - End Email Threading Madness — Plutio Reimagines Your Inbox 📥
Product update

End Email Threading Madness — Plutio Reimagines Your Inbox 📥

May 2, 2019

Email hasn’t changed since it was invented more 50 years ago. Conventional email communications is an endless maze of threads full of repetitive signatures, redundant greetings and messy headers that hurts productivity.

Plutio Inbox keeps conversations human and simple. You say what you have to say, the other person replies. It’s called a conversation. And that's why we've designed Inbox from the ground up with the vision to make communicating easier, transparent and more conversational.

✅ Direct and group messaging

Start a conversation with anyone in your business from within Plutio, whether you've invited them into the platform or not.

If they weren't invited, they will receive an email and can reply to it directly and all replies will be synced into your Plutio inbox.

✅ All Your Email In One Place (CURRENTLY IN BETA ONLY)

Stop toggling between three Gmail accounts and an IMAP account! Now you can connect all of your email accounts directly to Plutio and easily manage them all from one location.

✅ Shared inboxes

Add contributors to email accounts or messenger inboxes to collaborate with ease.

✅ Messenger

Install a customisable live-chat widget on your website or app. Each messenger has its own availability hours, colour scheme, greeting prompt and more.

✅ Canned responses

Easily setup a thought out, pre-written response so that you can instantly reply while on-the-go.

✅ Convert to tasks

Create tasks from any message or email in a click of a button.

✅ Snooze

Not ready to reply? Simply snooze the conversations so that you can return to them at your convenience.

✅ Send later

Schedule an email or a response to be sent at any time you choose.

✅ Auto draft

Your incomplete messages are automatically saved as a draft as you type so you will never lose anything and can come back to them at anytime.

Grow your business, not your overhead.

All the tools you need in one intuitive platform. No more juggling between apps.