Plutio - Product Update: April 2021
Product update

Product Update: April 2021

May 4, 2021

1. Dashboards (BETA):

We've secretly launched this much waited for feature in April, 2021.

Although Dashboards is still in BETA and you can try it now, it is pretty much done and we are gearing up to launching it this month (May, 2021)!

With Dashboards you can create fully customizable home pages for yourself, clients and others using our intuitive drag and drop editor.

Add dynamic and interactive charts, images, videos, agenda, goals and so much more.

Plutio Dashboards - Client portal for freelancers and small businesses
Plutio Dashboards

2. Themes:

With Plutio's new workspace theme editor you can truly match your workspace to your brand and impress your clients!

Click on “Interface” from the Settings page to start customizing your workspace like never before.

Plutio themes
Plutio themes

3. Real-time Stats

Almost every page in your workspace now has a real-time stats section, giving you a comprehensive overview on how things are going.

Plutio stats and reports
Plutio reports

4. New Receipts System

We've completely revamped our receipts system from the ground up to ensure it works for you, wherever you are.

  • You can now create stunning receipt templates to match their invoices.
  • We've added a “receipt” tab to all paid invoices so you and your clients can easily find them.
  • We've added new receipt variables like payment method, date paid, amount paid and receipt number.
Plutio receipts
Plutio receipts

5. Default Views Editor

The new powerful views editor gives you full control over what data to show and in what order.

We've also added a new option that enables you set the default view for others such as your clients or contributors.

Simply click on the “view editor” option from the utility bar to get started.

Plutio view editor
Plutio view editor

That's not all!

We've also worked on a few more features and improvements such as:  

  • Ability to export form responses.
  • Improved timesheet export.
  • Improved PDF views.
  • Item description now support lists and media.
  • You can now post comments using keyboard short cuts.
  • We've introduced over 2500 automated tests to enhance Plutio's reliability.

What's coming up next?

We're currently gearing up to launching Subscriptions 2.0, a robust new subscription system deeply integrated with Stripe, Square and GoCardless.

The new subscription system will be the highlight of May, 2021. But here are a few of the other features expected to come alongside it, too:

  • New desktop apps.
  • New and fully responsive calendar system.
  • Dashboards (out of beta).

Are we missing a feature? Submit it or vote now.

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