Plutio - Product Update: June 2021
Product update

Product Update: June 2021

July 1, 2021

Fun fact; June marks 50% of 2021, but our progress on releasing this month's update is 100% done! 7 new major features and hundreds of smaller updates all designed to help boost your productivity, impress your clients and collaborate faster with your teammates.

Let us start with the biggest update of them all; 

1) Interactive Dashboards & Branded Client Portals

Having a comprehensive overview of your entire business has never been easier. Dashboards allows you to create fully customisable pages that pull data from every aspect of your businesses in real-time.

Easily add interactive charts, media, agenda, lists, goals and so much more.

Plutio Dashboards and branded client portals for freelancers and small businesses

Get started by building your dashboard and setting up a client portal here.

Need help getting started? Checkout our dashboards guide.

2) Menu Editor

Here is another fact for you, it is scientifically proven that a clutter free workspace can boost your productivity, and that is exactly why we are excited about the new menu editor! - Now you can fully customize your main menu to show exactly what you need in the way that suits you.

With the new menu editor you can edit the names of the menu items, re-order them or hide the ones you don't need.

You can also customize the menu per user role, so you could have a menu for you and a menu specifically designed for your clients.

On top of the ability to edit the menu items, you can also add links, icons, dividers and a section for pinned items.

Plutio editable menu

3) Calendar 2.0

Your Plutio calendar is now incredibly initiative and responsive. It works on any device and you can schedule or move events with ease.

With 4 different views such as month, week, day and agenda, you can be sure to find the setup that works best for you.

4) Daily Digests

We've upgraded your daily digest emails so they are much easier understand and glance through. Here is a sneak peek:

You can turn those on or off from your notifications centre.

5) Subscriptions 2.0

Recurring revenue helps maintain a positive cash flow, which is the dream of every business. But keeping up with who paid and who didn't or chasing up for unpaid payments can be a daunting task. That's where Plutio can help you, with our new and advanced subscriptions system you can easily set up recurring billing with manual invoicing or automatic credit card payments.

  • We've moved subscriptions into its own page with real-time stats.
  • Full multi currency support.
  • Subscription invoices will now appear in the main invoices page, with option to filter them out.
  • We've created many automated tests to ensure your subscriptions bill your clients every-time without missing.
Plutio subscriptions and auto billing for freelancers and small businesses

Get started today and create your first subscription.

6) Date Ranges

You can now create dynamic filters that will show entires within a certain period using date ranges.

Choose from a compressive list of pre-set ranges such as Today, Tomorrow, Last 30 days, Last year, or create a custom range.

This feature can be used to show tasks due today, or time tracked this month, to name a few examples.

7) Desktop Apps

Trying to reduce the number of stacked tabs in your browser? Plutio is now available as a desktop app for Mac and Windows.

Alongside the ability to instantly access your Plutio workspace within a click, our apps come with native desktop push notifications so you never miss a beat!

Download now

+ So much more!

  • More design options:
    • You can now easily style item lists in your invoices, packages in your proposals, and signatures in your contracts using the updated design editor.
  • Double click to expand:
    • Now you can double click on any image to open it up in full view.
  • Hide archived tasks:
    • Tasks of a project that has been cancelled or archived will no longer appear in your tasks list.
  • Custom field colors:
    • You now have more control over how your custom fields look.
  • Improved CRM
    • We have re-design user profiles to make it much easier to navigate and find what you're looking for.

What's coming up next?

  • Scheduler.
  • Automation.
  • Activities feed.
  • Inbox 2.0.

Are we missing a feature? Submit it or vote now.

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