Plutio - Product Update: October 2020
Product update

Product Update: October 2020

October 31, 2020

Better organization is at the heart of this months update, with a brand new and advanced file management system - you can now rely on Plutio to securely store, organize and collaborate on files from one place.

Plutio file management system for freelancers and small business
Plutio files system for freelancers and small business

From the new main files page you can upload images, videos and documents with ease. Keep them private, re-use them across the workspace or share them and collaborate with others.

Plutio file management system
Plutio file management system

From the directory toggle you can swiftly switch between the three main workspace directories, which are: Main, Projects and People. This handy feature enables you to access any file of any project or a contact from one place.

Folders now 4 new permission options which are:

  • Inherit from settings simply inherits the default permissions set from Settings > Permissions.
  • Share publicly via a link generates a publicly accessible link with view only access.
  • Share with selected people gives access to only selected people.
  • Share with selected roles gives access to anyone with a particular role.
Plutio file management system
Plutio Files folder permissions and sharing options 

More in this update:

The new file management system is definitely the highlight of this month, but we've also worked on a few other things that will certainly help enhance your overall experience with Plutio:

1) Plutio Manual (onboarding series)

Whether you've been using Plutio for a while or you've just joined us, this new Plutio guide is a great way to explore all the powerful features and the amazing level of customisations Plutio offers.

2) Ability to pause a running timer:

Sometimes when tracking time you get a call or have to jump onto a different task very quickly, now instead of having to stop the timer completely you can easily pause it and resume tracking when you're ready.

3) Add "Set as default" to templates:

You can now set a template as "default", so when you create a new project, an invoice or a proposal the default template is pre-selected for you. The less you click the better, right?

4) Ability to duplicate templates:

No more workarounds to duplicate your templates. We've added a new "duplicate template" button that will instantly create a new copy of your template.

5) Enhanced notifications center:

You can now mark individual notifications as read/unread, search your notifications and show only the ones you've read or everything that is unread.  

6) New task following rules:

This feature is particularly useful if you're collaborating with others and want to ensure you never miss any notifications. From Settings > Tasks you can now set to be added as a follower to tasks by default whether they are created by you or others.

And so many more...

  • Group invoices by "Payment date".
  • Attach contracts to proposal template.
  • Ability to hide "quantity" and "amount" from item blocks.
  • Ability to assign a project to a signed proposal or a paid invoice.

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