Plutio - The Best Elevator Pitches That Turn Strangers Into Clients

The Best Elevator Pitches That Turn Strangers Into Clients

August 4, 2021

Can you explain what you do and which services you provide in a few simple words that everyone can understand? Simple language, no big words.

For example, imagine explaining what exactly a SEO expert does to someone with poor computer skills and digital literacy? He gets paid to tell Google what to show when you search for something? Or something like that.

Or perhaps you developed a fantastic app you want to share with a potential investor, and all board members are older people with old phones. So how will you explain the basics?

Sometimes it’s hard convincing potential investors that your ideas are indeed great. That’s why you need to make your pitch simple and understandable.

Since the entire world went digital, we witnessed the creation of a new set of IT jobs. But, in the neverending sea of various consultants flaunting with made-up titles and buzzwords in their resumes - how can you stand out with your ideas? 

We will show you how to make good use of the best elevator pitches that will elevate you in the eyes of potential customers. 

Push the button. We are going up! 

The First impression is important

Your first contact with your potential customer is essential since many people rely on their first impression of you. Remember to introduce yourself, your title, and which services you provide. You want to avoid something like "We are a team of professionals in our field, we've grown as a company, and we exceed in providing the best service possible on the market". 

Well, good for you! But… What do you really do? You've probably seen a pitch like this. It’s not authentic and you want to avoid using so many motivational buzzwords in one place. 

It will look suspicious to your potential buyer because it seems like you are hiding something behind so many big words. Remember that not all people are as tech-savvy as you think. 

So let's say it once again - Name, Title, Service. Susan, content writer, writing services. Yup that will be enough. Your potential client will get familiar with you. There will be questions later probably, but it is a great start.

Remember that you are not selling the service but a solution

When you are pitching your ideas to potential investors, remember to locate the potential problems they are having and provide the solution that will match. 

For example, if you are a digital marketing manager and want to help a local business - promise them an increased number of phone calls. 

If you are an SEO expert and want to sell your services to a local limo service - you can promise them more rides and reservations if you work more on local SEO practices. 

Promise them you will make them more visible on Google. Also, explain that their competitors are probably doing the same SEO practices. 

Make sure to relate with the person you are speaking with and explain in simple words which benefits you will bring if they hire your services. 

IT businesses sometimes seem a bit abstract to regular people, so you need to be empathetic and understanding while explaining what you do. 

Be clear about your plans and the tangible results of your actions

One of the best elevator pitches is to be clear about the results you can deliver and make sure that they understand what you are talking about. Don't sugarcoat anything or talk about which tools you will use to achieve that goal - that might confuse them. 

Remember that you are not selling a product, and you don't want to sound like a shady door-to-door salesperson. You are selling your vision. So honesty is always the best policy. 

Talk about the results you want to achieve. Talk about the scope and period of the projects. You can talk about increasing their website traffic. Provide something that has an actual worth, not just the numbers. 
It is vital to show your passion and honesty as well. That is how you gain more trust and make your pitch stand out from the crowd.

Back up your pitch with more evidence

Have you managed to keep your promises to clients prior to this one? If that is the case, it would be a great idea to back up your ideas with a lot of evidence. 

Customer reviews, client reviews, and ratings will mean a lot, and it will give your elevator pitch an initial boost. 

There must be some facts - for example, when you created Google my business listing for the local dog boarding business - they gained not so much traffic, but the number of phone calls and visits skyrocketed. 

All these things are important to back up your claims. When you show that you lived to your promises, that you know what you do, and that your creative ideas really do the trick - well, you are on the right track.

Know when to stop

Of course, some clients simply won't be interested in what you have to offer. So although you made it clear, explained everything in simple words, and provided the evidence - sometimes it won't be enough. And the best part is - that is completely fine. 

Don't underestimate the power of body language. Make sure that your potential customer is engaged. If you feel that they are not involved enough, it will be okay just to stop talking. 

This is also one of the best elevator pitches because you will sound more professional like that, and you can switch focus on the other person. But, again, tact is essential; you don't want to invade someone's personal space.

The best elevator pitch tip we have?

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