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Why should a freelancer start a blog?

June 25, 2021

Blogging is trendy, relevant and topical. According to recent surveys, the work of an "influencer" ranks, attention, third place among popular professions for young people.

Many people mistakenly believe that it is easy and simple. But in fact, a novice blogger will need a lot of persistence and patience.

We decided to write out as many as nine reasons why freelancers should blog and how it can affect their careers.

1. 3 in 1: content manager, editor, photographer

Content is a relevant and useful thing. Over the past few years, more than a dozen professions related to this area of marketing have emerged: content manager, corporate blog editor, SMM specialist, account manager, content producer, and so on.

When you master blogging, you'll learn a lot of terms that are new to you: engagement, proportionality of content, headings, tags. You'll learn how to use tools that are very much in demand right now. As a consequence, you will increase your value in the job market or even learn a new specialty.

Also, the blog encourages you to learn and build up your vocabulary, tighten up your spelling, download photo processing apps or improve your Photoshop knowledge. In general, do everything to generate quality and original content.

2. Mastering marketing

Many freelancers learn about tools to sell and promote their services at the beginning of independent swimming. But it's more complicated with a blog. If you consider it as your own project, the goal of which is to achieve popularity, you soon feel how important it is to analyze all your actions and correctly select ways of promotion.

Here it is also about self-education and learning new skills.

3. New ideas, thoughts and projects 

For a blog, you need to constantly seek out information and be able to present it in an interesting way. Along with this, you develop analytical and creative skills.

You become motivated to attend interesting events, meetings and places, because content does not fall out of the sky. This develops your horizons and stimulates your muse for the usual creative work of a freelancer.

4. Skills development

Some kind of competitive spirit and at the same time ego drives a thirst for likes, growth of subscribers and their engagement.

Moreover, you are likely to constantly want to “broadcast” to a larger and larger audience. Which is logical, because then the content generation skill will grow, and the number of subscribers should also grow. It's like a mania, be careful. 

5. Feedback

Often it is the analysis of feedback from subscribers: comments - both positive and negative, - the number of likes and views that helps a project grow and develop.

If applied correctly, such analytics will only improve your blog.

6. Development of your own project

Finally, from the high-spirituality, we move to a more commercial component.

Your blog doesn't have to be about what you do for a living. The main thing is that the topic is relevant to you, and you want to tell the world about it.

7. Recognition = trust

Brands used to try to spread as much information about themselves on advertising media as possible in the hope that when they saw a familiar name, new customers would come to them. And in most cases, this method worked, but was very expensive.

Now everything is simpler: when a blogger gets a loyal audience, potential customers are formed, but without large-scale budgets, as it was before.

8. New acquaintances

Blogs also carry a social function. As the project develops, you constantly acquire new acquaintances: the same authors of "online diaries", subscribers, advertisers, company managers.

Some of these acquaintances may grow into real partners and friends in the future.

9. Monetization

And, of course, if your blog has gained some popularity, then soon offers of advertising will begin to come.

However, there are many subtleties here. It is necessary to dose advertisements - not to publish them too often, as well as to be able to properly prepare the audience for interaction.

Author's bio: Jean S. Hartley is a professional writer for write my paper service. For 6 years now, she has been helping students learn to write correctly, and also assists in preparing for exams.

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