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Desktop-as-a-Service: The New Normal For Remote Working

May 26, 2021

It seems like a revolutionary year where every individual is working from home rather than stepping towards their office. The whole organization is managing their tasks and completing their duties from remote locations. COVID-19, the global pandemic, worked as a speeder to shift all the businesses to the remote setup. It became a decisive stage where all the companies with their best strategies were trying to survive in the marketplace. But on the other hand, their company itself is internally attempting to manage the remote working structure that demands a more pliable and accessible culture that tremendously burdens the IT team to handle all the assets and related operations.

Desktop-as-a-service emerges as a new wave that satisfies all the requirements of developing an effective remote workplace. It is a data management model that significantly handles and secures all the information in the cloud. The third-party supplier performs all the preservation and management duties. Doing troubleshooting, providing support, and updating the system, all these tasks come under their to-do list. Some of the well-known Daas service providers are Amazon, Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware.

This model develops a virtual desktop setup that you can ingress from any gadget and any locale without agonizing about data breaches that occur around 41% due to lost devices, taking a step ahead in developing a cloud-based workplace.

Thinking about such a solution for your workplace? Refer to this article to get more glimpses of Desktop-as-a-service and its advantages to the remote work culture.

What Is Daas?

Daas stands for Desktop-as-a-service, is a kind of cloud computing platform that allows users to perform their job in the virtual desktop environment. This model performs all data management utilizing the cloud. Storage, integration, processing, analysis all occur in the cloud through network connectivity. Daas provider takes care of the whole process and provides a seamless experience to the customers. 

Accessing necessary applications, services, and data over a more secured connection in the Daas ecosystem is opening its way to rise in the global market. The statistical data for the same is as shown in the figure below-


Such a desktop system that runs on VM (Virtual Machine) gives freedom for successfully planning remote work structures, which allows them to work from any system and the place of their choice.

Merits Of Using DAAS In Remote Work:

With the continuous growth in the remote work culture, firms are making continuous efforts to make employees’ experiences better. Daas is working on that path to make their work easier. Such desktop virtualization is on the immense rise and is expected to grow by 95%, as reported by Gartner. Let’s take a look at how Daas works-


Using this platform is mutually beneficial for the workforce and their company. Let us put more insight into it by referring to the following points.

Cost Reduction

Looking for a cost-effective solution is getting more prominent after the global pandemic for all the organizations. They have to rework their budgets as per the prevailing situation to run their business successfully. Moreover, with the increase in the remote working workers, they have to sum up those preservation and hardware costs in their expenditure.  

Such distributed work culture is difficult to handle by the businesses in terms of management and cost too. Take a glance at, which provides various tools and software to manage the whole organization from one place.    

Also, with Daas, all these worries are reduced to a great extent as it works as a cloud service that manages all the data on the cloud. The IT team does not have to regularly look for the bugs that occur in the system as the service provider handles them. It saves considerable data maintenance and delivery cost that occurs in the performance layer. 

This desktop virtualization platform allows you to adjust your desktop requirement as per the number of workers. You only have to pay for the virtual resources you are using that cut down a significant amount from your expenditure on buying assets. 

One more advantage of using Daas is it provides necessary assets as per the workers’ requirements. It reduces cost as the organization does not have to purchase the same expensive devices for all their staff. Thus, it gives an estimated value for the monthly per-user cost, which is easily determined and payable for the firms.       

Enhances Security

Safety is always a major concern for companies. The allocated staff for handling security measures always remains worried about the sensitive data stored in the physical device. Any issue in the hardware or due to malfunctioning, there is a complete chance of losing the critical data. This case becomes more severe for remote working. They lack behind in developing secured storage and transmission channels. All these problems arise as the pieces of information are stored locally. About 57% of mobile workers were suspected of being hacked. Do you have any backup for those big losses of data? The answer will be grievous no.    

Desktop-as-a-service eradicates all these problems as the source of data storage with this platform is virtual, i.e., cloud. The providers give a more secured layer by providing various safeguards for hardware and software firewalls. The statistical data for using the cloud as a secure source is as shown in the figure below-


Adding to this, to make the connectivity more protected, it performs data encryption, multi-layer authentication, tracks traffic, performs necessary analysis, and detects any intrusion in the channel. 

All such functionalities give you great relaxation for data security, allowing remote workers to perform their duties without any hacking fret in their minds. The machines will no longer remain the source of secured data, freeing up workers from the tension of those expensive devices being lost or stolen.

Reduces Management Efforts 

The Big Rona situation has drastically impacted all the companies, especially the IT team, to shift the entire working environment to individual employees’ place. The efforts do not end here; along with providing the right system and applications, they have to ensure the accessibility and security of the sensitive information to all the workers. Firms choosing Daas are leading ahead in making their remote work journey more successful.      

It is an immense relief to the IT supporters to get relaxation in the task management of the devices. Regularly coming across cases like software and driver update, system patches, various application installment demands a vast amount of time and effort of the staff. Moreover, they also have to look for each system to solve the issues.

As Daas works in cloud infrastructure with reputed providers, the preservation can handle virtually that vanishes the requirement to approach all the systems separately. By outsourcing such safeguarding and administration of your desktop environment significantly reduces the administrative and support tasks and the time required to manage all those cases by getting such a simplified platform to use.              

Improvises Flexibility   

With the growth in the digital era, the demand for getting more flexibility to perform the job is also increasing continuously. The COVID-19 pandemic worked as a booster to enhance the remote working environment with an immense rise in the flexible user experience. 

While performing the job from the office premises, they have all the necessary systems to run their work. While working far away from the organization’s location demands more concern to avail all the devices to them. It becomes a tough job for the company to handle. Also, the workforce wants to use different devices like laptops, tablets to complete their work from any location and even while traveling. Think how much burden will increase on the company to manage all those systems, their data, security check, and availability of all requisite applications on all such devices. 

Daas is a platform that works on accomplishing all these dreams in reality.  It allows access to the majority of the devices as shown in the figure below-


It helps manpower continue their work from any site and with the freedom to do it from any digital system, including their own assets. Following such practice gives rise to the concept known as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Daas established a secured environment (as mentioned in the above points) where the workers can easily connect to their office environment without trouble in accessing all the applications, files, and other necessary sources. It also handles the major concern that is linked with BYOD adoption, as shown in the figure below-


Such flexible culture is beneficial when the company hires short-term workers like freelancers for specific projects. Even while recruiting a new workforce, providing them the necessary system in this pandemic situation may become challenging. In such a matter, they can start their work from their own device without any trouble and with few setup steps. 

Simplified Backup Environment

With the cloud services in the Daas platform, the worry about secure data storage is no longer a big query to solve. It reduces the primary concern that was linked with backup that useful information on the hardware. It eliminates the need to set up backup software in an individual’s system. 

Companies are taking the backup concern seriously and are continuously trying to adopt such a system where they do not have to handle all the data manually. Especially regarding the workers’ data, the personnel department uses cloud based hr management software that stores all the databases in the virtual storage. Any errors or misplaced information of such data results in significant losses. Therefore, proper and secure management is necessary.

In Daas, as all the operations are carried out in the virtual system hosted in the cloud, the backup operations are easily manageable. This was not a similar case with the previous working structure where due to system failure or unavoidable disaster results in completely vanishing the most critical data set. With Daas, not a single piece of information is lost, reducing a great burden from the shoulder of the IT team. Also, with round the clock availability of the service provider, any issue gets resolved within a couple of minutes that provides great support to continue work without any hurdles.


With the continuous enhancement in the remote work culture, this is the right time to think of such a solution that makes data management and computing more reliable. Desktop-as-a-service is a cost-effective model that outsources the task of safeguarding and management and provides a virtual desktop environment. It not only gives a secure, accessible, and effective platform to use but also increases the productivity of the employees. What are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity to use this model and effortlessly handle your remote workplace. 

Author Bio: Meet Vara is a passionate content writer and an avid reader, having expertise in creating various ideas for creative writing. He is passionate about researching and exploring blogs, checking out the latest trends, and replicating his expertise in crafting exclusive content. His approach and readiness towards writing quality content are exceptional.

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