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How to Book and Retain More Clients as a Freelancer

October 18, 2021

As hard as freelancers try to keep their workflow, it’s not easy to keep the same clients for longer periods. In order to retain more clients, freelancers have to gain plenty of different business skills which are not necessarily a part of their job. Whether it’s marketing, copywriting, architecture, or any other profession, freelancers can benefit in many ways by retaining clients. If you are working as your own boss, this article is just right for you! Here’s how you can retain more clients while working as a freelancer.

The importance of retaining clients

In every relationship with a client, one of the main goals is to gain their trust and loyalty. However, this is not always easy to do. While corporate companies rely mostly on mutual profit when working with clients, freelancers have to have another trick up their sleeve. Since the freelancing market is constantly growing, it’s easy for clients to find new people for less amount of money. When the competition gets fierce, retaining clients become a necessity for most freelancers.

Great customer experience is the number one thing that we think of when communicating with a client. However, it takes more than just good work and a friendly approach to keep clients loyal. Attracting new clients requires more marketing costs, which is why it’s always a good idea to stay loyal to the existing ones. Here are some of the most important benefits of retaining clients:

  • Regular income. By working with the same clients long-term, you will ensure regular income as a freelancer.
  • Lower marketing costs. Spreading the word about your work will take time, so why not focus on the clients you already work with?
  • More recommendations for your work. If your client is satisfied with your work, the word will spread fast, and you will get more recommendations with time.
  • Bigger projects in the future. If you are working on a certain project, a loyal client will offer you more work with time.
  • Gaining trustworthy partners to rely on. Creating a trustworthy relationship takes time, which is why it’s better to retain more clients than always look for new ones.

How to book a reliable client?

In order to book and retain more clients as a freelancer, you will have to understand both sides. Just like you research the new client and learn more about their goals, you should know what you are looking for, too. Getting to know your brand, investing in marketing, and showing great customer support are some of the best tools you’ll need.

Get to know your brand

If you want clients to recognize your potential, you will have to show your brand in the best light. In order to show your clients that you can bring them profit, communicating will be the key. If you know what you can offer, you will attract more reliable clients and build a reputation for yourself. Make sure to point out what makes you different from the competitors.

Invest in marketing

Starting as a freelancer is never easy. However, experienced freelancers know that advertising their work is essential. If you count on people to offer you work without hearing about your success, it might not happen easily. In order to beat the competition, book, and retain more clients, you will have to invest in marketing and beat the competitors.

Show great customer support

Once you book a meeting with a new client, your approach will decide whether there’s going to be a deal or not. Staying open-minded, flexible, and assertive will help you gain your client’s trust. Further, this will show them your determination and trustworthiness.

Create a welcoming environment

Most freelancers communicate with their clients online. On the other hand, some of them take meetings in their offices. In both situations, it’s important to create a welcoming environment when meeting with a client. No matter who you’re working for, the other side will want to feel understood and appreciated. Also, clients will want to see results and their ideas met.

These will be the main factors of your communication to focus on. In order to book and retain more clients, you should focus on the customer experience and create a welcoming environment. Once both you and your client feel good while communicating, you will increase the chances of building a long-lasting business relationship.

Be available and honest

Not every client is easy to work with. While some are too demanding, others are not clear about their goals. Some expect you to think about their project 24/7. Since this is rarely possible, you will have to show respect for the client but also require it back. The best way to do this is to let the client know when that you are available for any kind of negotiation. If you are honest and show interest in their goals, you will increase your chances of retaining clients and earning their trust.

Own your mistakes

If every project went according to plan, most freelancers would work for the same clients for years. Unfortunately, mistakes and misunderstandings happen more often than we hope for. If you make a mistake while working or forget about the deadline, it’s ok to own your mistake. Most clients appreciate an honest approach to communication. The only thing you’ll have to do is to apologize, suggest a solution, and keep on working. By staying honest, you will show your clients that they can trust you and that you have their back.

Give and receive regular feedback

Booking a client is not an easy thing to do while retaining them can be even harder. No matter the nature of your work, regular feedback will help you keep open communication with a client. While trying to book a client, make sure to listen to their needs and long-term goals. If they asked you to pitch ideas, prepare for the follow-up questions. While working on a project, you should always keep clients posted. Giving feedback and receiving it back will create a trustworthy relationship with a client. Further, this will help you retain more clients and ensure a steady income for your freelance job.

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