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6 Daily Routines Every Freelancer Should Practice

October 1, 2021

Working freelance is a dream come true for many people. However, flexible working hours can often complicate daily tasks and the timeline of your work. If you are working from home and have a responsibility to your clients, you’ll have to create a daily routine to maintain the workflow. Good planning will help you deliver your tasks more efficiently and keep track of your daily tasks. Take a look at our list of 6 simple ways to create a freelancer routine you can stick to and organize your working hours.

Why do you need a daily routine as a freelancer?

Flexible hours are one of the biggest upsides of working as a freelancer. However, this can also be the main cause of bad organization and missed due dates. If you are working as a freelancer, having a daily routine will help you organize better. Moreover, it can also help you have more free time in your life. While you are enjoying your freedom, it will be important to organize well. Without a proper plan, you can end up working 7 days a week without it being necessary. Here are the simplest ways to create a daily routine as a freelancer:

  • Prioritize – by doing so, you will work more efficiently.
  • Set the timeline of your work.
  • Schedule tasks. Make sure to have a daily schedule for all your tasks.
  • Be smart with your free time. If possible, try to take a break from all technology.
  • Use technology to your advantage. There are plenty of business planning programs available online.
  • Know what you can deliver. Taking too much work can be the biggest cause of crazy working hours.

Since there will be no one there to check your progress daily, you will have to be that person. A smartly planned daily routine will help you manage your tasks more efficiently, as well as do them in a shorter amount of time. Further in this article, you can see our list of the 6 most efficient daily routines every freelancer should practice. A freelancer routine will help you manage your projects more easily, but also, avoid unnecessary stress.


Not all tasks you handle on a daily basis will be equally important. This is why you should prioritize and consider finishing the biggest tasks first. If you have daily tasks that require a routine, make sure to have a list of them so you can keep track of your work. Depending on the nature of your work, prioritizing can mean different things. For example, for copywriters, this will include research and getting to know the subject they are working on. Some of their blogs will be harder to write than others, which is why they often choose to do the hard ones early in the day.

Prioritizing your work will not only help you finish your tasks faster but also allow you to have more free time. Further, this part of your daily routine will reduce work-related stress. Managing your projects with ease, as well as planning your working hours will be the best way to create an efficient freelancer routine.

Set the timeline of your work

Most freelancers are proud of their flexible working hours. However, this can mean different things to some of them. While plenty of them work during the day, some are more productive during night hours. On the other hand, some freelancers need to adjust their hours to clients in different time zones. Whichever of these groups you belong to, you should set the timeline of your work and stick to it if you can.

Creating a timeline is not only about your working hours. It’s a known fact that some tasks take longer than you expected during one working day. However, you can plan the rest of the activities in advance and schedule them around your work hours. If you need to concentrate really hard, it’s better to have a few short breaks between different tasks.

Schedule tasks

Creating an efficient daily freelancer routine will depend on one more factor. Most freelancers know the flows of their flexible work hours. For most, projects that are due in a few weeks are not easy to plan ahead. While you are handling your daily work, you can easily forget a few deadlines or due dates. If you have to finish a project in a few weeks, you should make a plan and separate it into smaller tasks. This will prevent you from working “overtime” and finishing your projects last minute.

Be smart with your free time

Flexible working hours for freelancers can often mean longer business days. For example, if you don’t get up early in the morning, some of your tasks can “drag” for hours and keep you awake deep into the night. This is why you should make a list of some simple chores you need to handle on a daily basis besides your work. Getting groceries and washing the dishes can be a great way to free your mind from work and take a break. Also, these tasks will help you stay away from your electronic devices, relax and refresh your thoughts.

If you have the chance to plan your free time, you are in luck. Some freelancers need to be online for most of the day. If this is your case, you should prepare your work environment and be ready to concentrate on work as long as you can.

Use technology to your advantage

As much as technology can be tiring for freelancers (since most depend on it), it can also be of big help. Today, there are plenty of online software programs, timeline planners, and sheets that could help you organize your freelancer routine. If you choose to use them, you will have the chance to schedule your tasks and use technology to your advantage.

Know what you can deliver

No matter how well you organize, taking too much work can complicate your day. As a freelancer, you’ll be the only one responsible for delivering the work you promised. It’s important to stay objective and promise only as much work as you can handle. In case your plans change during the week, make sure to inform your client or your team.

Working as a freelancer has its perks, but flexible working hours can be as tiring as a 9-5 job. In order to create a perfect freelancer routine on a daily basis, make sure to create a plan from the start. Every freelancer has a different way of handling their tasks, so make sure to find your own!

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